Sunday, December 11, 2011

Qiqi's ONEderful Birthday Party

Date : 10th Dec 2011, Saturday
Venue : The Pines


Elmo Theme

This one very cute, like sun flower!!!

Didn't managed to snap any pics during the cake-cutting becos too many people were taking pics. No space for me to squeeze in at all!

We all had fun, food was good, aunty went too! :) And hor, my Raeann is really a good self-entertainer. She can socialize very well man! Here talk talk, there talk talk, even to those people she don't know? LOL

You know, on the way there, she anyhow mumble two numbers, 8822 and 7722. ZY bought 全打 and struck both numbers on that very day. When we were there, she went to tell Agnes, "我 papa 今天会中马票". And he really struck lor! :)

P/S : I'm still very against asking numbers from kids. But this is different. Nobody asked, Raeann anyhow say like how she always do. But you see, i don't bother becos i'm not a 4D queen.

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