Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Raechelle's first flip!

OMG, omg, i'm so thrilled that i must blog about this today!

6th Dec 2011, Raechelle at 2 months 16 days old and...


She did it herself without any help. Took this video when only she was doing it halfway cos i never think that she can do it so fast cos her jiejie only flipped at 3 months+! Honestly, i didn't want her to learn flipping so fast too. Very busy leh, now i gotta look after two kids everyday!

It will be all okay if Raeann is not that mischievious. Cos she ALWAYS like to disturb her meimei (especially when she's sleeping soundly) despite me telling her ALOT of times not to. She meant no harm, she only wanted to play with her, just that she's too rough.


She's so scary lor, always wanna carry her sister when we didn't notice. And this meimei ah, she didn't cry, she can keep smiling somemore!


Now, i can officially announce that, MEIMEI IS TRAINED TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT LIAO, she has been sleeping through for the past 10 days? Think so! She's really very fast leh, her jiejie only slept through at about 4 months old, and she? 2 months. Proud of u, my baby girl!


  1. relax... I noe Jie Jie can make it to carry Mei mei de..

    Last time when my 2nd sis born & baby, I aso disturb my sis de when she slp.
    Den my dad bot supper hm & u noe what, I wake my baby sis up to eat supper.. haha..

  2. LOL Joice, she cannot yet. She always carry her in the middle whereby her head and legs will be dangling in the air. DAMN SCARY!

  3. i also omg-ed. no wonder u're thrilled over it because wanna flip and not yet flipover that feeling is quite tense.


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