Friday, December 16, 2011

Try talking to your baby...

IT WORKS LEH!!! Well, at least for my case.

I really really think that Raechelle understands, after so many tries.

Like i told her to sleep through so that i can bring her home everynight when i go back to work, and she did! Her last feed is around 9pm and she will sleep through until 8+am next morning! :)

Then just now, she kept calling and calling cos i was packing things. I carried her awhile and put her down, told her i'm going to bathe, asked her to lie there herself and don't make any noise to disturb her daddy, she still reply me lor. Then i go & bathe, she really didn't make any noise. When i came out, she's sleeping already. LOL!

So blessed to have her! :)

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