Tuesday, January 31, 2012

龙年行大运 2012 (Part III - 初三; 春到河畔)

Hard to make them cooperative, really.

Nothing much on 初三 cos i refused to go 拜年 again, and i initially wanted to rest at home since i'm starting work on 初四. But well well, ZY suggested to bring the kids here (below) and i obliged lor...

Anyway, my MIL came with us cos ZY asked her to go & sign up phones before that and she's very funny cos ZY merely asked if she wanna tag along anot and at first she said she can't cos she's cooking halfway. And then...

3 secs later...

She called home, "Eh, help me to cook the rest hor. I'm going to 河畔 with ZY they all cos he kept asking me to go lor".

Oh well! 

My sis went along too but it's me who kept asking if she wanna go anot cos i saw her tweets saying that she has no programs that day.

Thought that it won't be so crowded since alot of people are starting work on that day but well, i was wrong. Even saw ZY's distant relatives there (those we met once a year), how small the world can be?

Then ah, MIL was so enthu telling all the distant relatives that Raechelle looks exactly like ZY when he was a baby. Then my sis said...

Bo: 4 years ago, she was so enthu telling people that Raeann looks like ZY instead of you. Then 4 years later, she insisted Raechelle looks like ZY and Raeann looks like you more.

Me: You know right! =,=

I don't know what does this mean? How come it's a tiger instead of dragon?

I asked her to go take a pic with this pig becos she's born in the year of pig. At first, she rejected cos she insisted she's born in the year of CAT. I told her this last time becos i said she's so stingy so she's born in the year of cat. And she 认定 that she's born in the year of cat also. Ask her what's her zodiac, she will tell u cat. LOL

And my baby bunny! =D

This was taken by Bo when Raeann was playing (expensive) games. I had to carry her cos she's melting inside the pram. Poor meimei! So warm and stuffy!!!!!!! Hot die us!

Nothing much there lah, except alot of nice food. But i don't feel like eating there cos it's too stuffy and crowded at the food area.

And before we left, we saw GCT, drove pass us, his car plate is 2128, lol! Think there's some fireworks that day and that's why he's there. Not sure cos we didn't stay for that!

Monday, January 30, 2012

3 VS 1 = I lost!

At home now, down with cough, flu, fever, sore throat, and whatever whatever. Whole body aching like mad, and it's started since last Friday when i woke up with a mild sore throat.

The conclusion is, my body is not strong enough to counter away the virus inside the room from my husband, Raeann & Raechelle. Yes, all of them fell sick together and seen doctor together. So now when they're recovering, i got it, how blessed!

Okay, i need to rest now, picking Raeann up from school later.

Till then.


Friday, January 27, 2012

龙年行大运 2012 (Part II - 初一 & 初二)


They said she looks like a doll. LOL

My lil' doll was so tired for the past few days. Cos everywhere she goes, she's getting all the attentions. People wanna carry her, take pics with her & etc. She smiles easily and that's why everyone wanna carry or play with her.

And my Raeann decided to wear this $10 romper instead of her Guess jeans. Cos her jeans was being washed and she complained tight. Haha! My cousin said this romper is nice & if there's adult size, she will buy. LOL! Material is very comfy too! What a steal right?! I bought it at Suntec, if i didn't remember wrongly.

As usual, my mum's side relatives will all come to our place to gather on 初一, this practice has been going on for many many years liao. That's why i said CNY is boring cos we're always doing the same thing every year.

My cousin and his pretty wife. I hope i can carry their baby soon!!! 加油!

Okay, Raeann looks like Bobo, i know.

Aftermath, we went for house visits to ZY's relatives' houses at around 2+pm till night. This is totally draining all my energy out. Cos after we reached home, i bathed for the two of them & fed them before i had my dinner at 10pm. =(

My husband said i'm 好命到 kaopeh. =,= Seriously, 好命 meh??? I dare not say i'm 苦命, but i'm definitely not 好命 lor. If i'm 好命到 kaopeh, then what's he?! 好命到 sibei sibei kaopeh? Everything also don't need to do, never help with the kids at all, everyday like living in his own world only. Don't understand why he thinks i'm very 好命 when i have to work becos he refused to support me & i've to look after his kids alone always.

Yes, i'm angry, super. It's okay that he don't give me anything & don't help in anything but why keep saying and telling people that "i'm 好命到 kaopeh" and gave people a wrong idea that he actually give me alot but i'm still not contented. And when people asked me, i will say the truth and that's when he will say i never give him any face. FML! So now, i just smile away lor. Aiya, 人在做, 天在看, i don't have to explain much. [All my branded bags (except that Prada clutch) are bought with my own money by the way. Funny why people think that he's the one who bought them for me! =,= And no, he don't give me a single cent.] Even if i'm 好命, it's all given by my parents & not him.


She wore a dress! Also $10, lol. Bought it from same shop! :)

And my lil' cutie pie!

All my relatives kept asking me to bring meimei to join those baby competitions. Hahah! I'd like to, but i've no time leh.

Went out for a short while to ZY's relative & friend's house to 拜年 then rushed back home cos relatives from my dad's side are coming to my place. :)

My ah ma!

My young cousin's kids. At the age of 25, she's doing a great job as a housewife; handling her 3 kids, household chores and cooking well. She's really a great mum, just like mummy Grace. Amazing lor, cos i can never do that. Cos first thing first, i can't cook, lol. And even if i try, ZY will always be there pouring 'cold water' on me. To avoid disappointment, i might as well don't cook, right? Haha

But my cousin married a good husband. Even though he's also very young, he's really good at parenting. He looks after the kids de leh. For so many years i seen him during CNY, he's always there looking after his kids. Maybe this is what motivates my cousin to be a housewife without complaints. As in, it's always good to see your partner helping out, even with just simple tasks. =)

Unlike me, during CNY every year, you will see me attending to my kids while my husband's enjoying his gambling, without fail. In the past, i will feel so unfair. Why issit always me?! At home = me, go out = me, everything falls on me. I don't even have time to sit down and rest. And we don't have any couple time at all. Wherever we go, no matter what occasions, we bring our kids along. But now, NUMB liao, really numb. And my husband still dare to say "i'm 好命到 kaopeh"???? In what sense, tell me? So pekchek one leh!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

龙年行大运 2012 (Part I - 年除夕)

Happy Lunar New Year to all my dearest ones, friends and readers! May u all HUAT HUAT HUAT in this dragon year okay?

I've been busy from the eve of eve till today. 一天到晚忙个不停咯! Another round of house-visits today and i can finally relax.

Have you realised that out of so many CNY we've spent, only this year is raining? I mean, on the eve and first day (yesterday). Wonder why??? Becos this year is 水龙年 and therefore, to welcome the year, it has to come with alot of "水" (water) lor. That's what i heard, correct me if i'm wrong. =)

I took alot of pics this year, becos i've a phone with a quite tok-gong camera. CAMERA IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME LOR! Hence, i'll divide my CNY into a few posts to avoid photo-flood.

My D.I.Y manicure!

I hope i can squeeze out some time to do a decent mani/pedi next year. I hate to do it myself with my kids around. I can never get it done well on my first try. But anyway, i'm quite happy with this. Chin chai lah!

Raeann's D.I.Y pedicure by me! Nice not?

In the noon, my MIL called and asked us back for reunion lunch and so we went. We had three rounds of reunion meals that day. Cos after that, we rushed back home to have dinner with my family. 

My SIL and her assistant whipped up a table of 好料! Instead of the very-normal-every-time-also-eat-de steamboat, we had something different this year!!! 

While at home. Meimei's first Lunar New Year with us! =)

And after this, we rushed to Redhill for our 3rd round of reunion dinner/supper or whatever you called that. Of cos i never eat again lah! It's the same every year & to be honest, i don't like it! Like rushing here and there and it's not even new year yet. 

And you know what, we reached home ONLY at 12+am cos we went praying after Redhill. I cleaned up both of them until 1+am and i slept at 2+am. =( SO TIRED! My husband played mahjong upon reaching home and went out to pray after that, until 6-7am. 

My two kids received big fat angbaos for 压岁! Fattest one should be from my dad, then followed by my mum, haha!

Meimei is the center of attraction this year. Everywhere she goes, people snatch to carry and take pics with her. She posed until very tired yesterday until she refused to look at the camera after that, lol. 

Stay tuned for Part II! But all the first hand info/pics are uploaded on FB! =) 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mini Princess Foot Mask

As promised, i'm gonna blog about the foot mask i did on 10th Jan 12 now...

Yes, this is the one.

And here's the result!

BEWARE : A few pictures of my ugly foot!


This was taken the next day (11th Jan 12) after i did the mask cos i forgot to take a pic before i do the mask. =X

P/S : Peeling will ONLY start on the 4th - 5th day after the mask.

My foot wasn't really bad to start with and thus, after the peeling, there isn't much changes lor. But of cos, i can feel that it's smoother now and all my heels & whatever cracks are gone as well.

On the 4th (14th Jan 12) night, i realise, my peeling has started. I was expecting it to peel on 15th becos it was the 5th day and my mum's foot started peeling on the 5th day.

By right, my mum said, leave it to drop on it's own (so u will see dead skins dropping everywhere u go and it's gross?), i can't. My itchy hands can't resist peeling them, lol. So i peel, peel, peeled. I even hide inside the toilet for around 45 mins after both my kids slept, just to peel, becos i can wash all my dead skins away (at once) after i peel, instead of sweeping and picking it up like mad.

5th (15th Jan 12) day, all the 'major' peelings has been cleared by yours truely! Haha!

And today is the hmm... 9th day? There are still some little peelings here and there on the top which are not noticeable so i just leave it there to drop by itself lah!

My point is, this is cheap and good. Although it doesn't show major effects/changes on my foot (becos my foot wasn't really in bad condition), i still think this is good! Becos it has shown great result on my mum's foot. My mum's foot was in a really bad state and i've bought her alot of foot masks/products to try but none of them actually helped much.

Then i bought this for her to try! She said it's good, so it must be good! And i bought it again for myself to try. And then i bought it again becos there was some promotion going on. Haha!

Then last night, i did pedicure for myself, becos i've no time to go for a mani/pedi session...

It's sucha torture waiting for it to dry okay. I did it only after my kids slept and i waited till around 1+ am for it to dry! :( I was really really fucking sleepy by then. It was not entirely dry yet but i fell asleep lor. And, i'm really unhappy with this color/design, don't know why i choose this in the first place. Anyway, i re-do it this morning liao! Yes, i bring all my nails barang to my office, lol.

P/S : And a very very happy note here. I lost 2kgs after coming back to work for 2 weeks. So yeah, i'm another step nearer to my pre-preg weight now. My mum was shocked why i can lose 17kgs in such a short time. Well, to me, it's not short leh. I targetted to lose ALL my pregnancy weight away within 3-4 months. Not easy cos i'm not young anymore! I DO eat but not alot, i think. Sometimes, i'm really too tired to eat dinner. My mum said, "自己顾孩子比较容易瘦" and i really gotta agree with this.

Just like last night, i didn't really sleep well cos Raeann isn't feeling well. She woke up in the middle of the night to puke phlegm, then meimei woke up 6am everyday for the past few days, for what u know? Cos she wanna 'kue sio' with us on the bed. The moment i carry her out from the sarong cradle and put her on the bed, she fell back asleep. =,= 4 people squeezing on a queen size bed, how to sleep? Teach me.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dragon Year, HUAT AH!

Aiyo, CNY is just a few days away and i still have lots of things undone. Really don't have any CNY mood at all lor! But yesterday hor, i took time off and left at 3pm to... DYE MY HAIR!

Don't know what has got into me, i walked into the salon and told them, "i want super duper red". Haha! I wanna HUAT in 2012 ok! The dye looks really red, but it doesn't turn out that red on all my hair, only on the bleached highlighted areas. But it's nice! LOUD! Wootz!

Under the sunlight!

Not that red hor?

It's been sucha long time since i've red hair, used to dye it red (always) before married. But don't know why didn't think of dying red for the past few years... I'm sick of my hair color now, i want a change! I want to have a lucky dragon year, hopefully.


Similarities between the sisters!

Watch this (if you haven watch it before or have forgotten)!!!

This is Raeann!

She was 5 months 5 days old then (if i didn't record wrongly).


This is Raechelle @ 3 months 27 days old.

Okay, meimei is bigger in size, since the day she was born. But i think they do strike some resemblances somewhere like, shape of the head? complexion? chubby-ness? Meimei's eyes are much bigger lah! And thank god both my kids' complexion are fair like me, not chao-ta like ZY.

Please grow well & be safe always, my two babies! =)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shop with Hana Secret now!

There are many reasons why you should shop with them! 1) As you can see, their clothes are pretty and unique. 2) Their model is so chio that she brings out the beauty in all their clothes. 3) Owner is the nicest seller i've ever come across. 4) They are having CNY sales now!!! Check them out now! =)

Fidgets @ Turf City

Made a very bold decision to bring my two kids out alone on Saturday to meet-up with PY & Alexis to Fidgets @ Turf City, cos there's no one to look after meimei for me! So yeah, one baby & one kid, thank god PY is around, else i think i might die, due to warmness.

Yes, everything's so nice at Fidgets; sofa is new and comfy, price is reasonable, huge & spacious, safe for kids, free carpark with lotsa parking lots & etc, BUT air con is not strong enough, too warm!!! With the weekend crowds, i think they should set the air con to a lower temperature.

Both of them were quite cooperative until meimei started to feel sleepy but too warm to fall asleep and gets a little cranky for awhile. Warm until face so red like she had blusher on! LOL! 我也是很热咯!

But overall, everything's okay, meimei did fell asleep eventually for a short 15 mins then woke up to play & smile again (she smile and giggle easily).

As for Raeann, she was really well-behaved, cos ZY's not around. Haha! She had so much fun with Alexis for a good 4 hours. We left when they announced that they're closing, didn't realised we stayed for so long man!

So happy that i've finally found a partner that i can get along well with, to bring our kids out together. I may have alot of friends and is very friendly, but i don't like to mix around. I will only go out with people whom i feel 100% comfy with. You see, i'm really not desperate for friends.

Can't wait for our next meet-up to...

Bringing our girls to a baking class! =)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Botak Raechelle

Raechelle is 4 months old (lunar calendar) today. According to Chinese tradition, baby has to shave their head before they can enter temples. Raeann's hair was shaved at 4 months (some at 1 month, it depends on individual), and so is Raechelle...

If you've followed my blog, you should know that i've accidentally lost Raechelle's umbilical cord (tor zai) & has been guilty since the day i found out. And so, i've deliberately arranged an appointment with Huaxia Taomaobi Centre to shave her head (and made her hair into hair brush) yesterday.

I've to admit, i didn't expect the price to be so... expensive! I chosen the one with her name stamp on top and some engravings on the brush itself & it costed $208. Plus the box with engraving that costed $90.00 and GST, i paid a total of $310.30... for ONE brush. Everyone said i 'kena chopped'. My dad said he also know how to make for me, at less than $50. HAHAHA

Actually, i wanted to make Raeann's umbilical cord into a stamp too but... maybe later, too expensive!


Meimei didn't make a single sound at all! I took a video (rotating it now) but there were alot of 'background' voices when i've already told them not to make any noise as i wanna take video. Sigh! And why hor, the image will suddenly become yellowish as i change the angle huh? Issit due to the lightings or my phone? So sad that the video turn out lidat! :( 

They took half of her hair to make the brush and gave me the other half to keep. At least now, i'm not so gulity liao, one keep umbilical cord, another one keep hair, FAIR!


Botak cuter hor?! =)


Botak mei is drinking milk on her own now! Started training her when she was less than 3 months old.


Botak mei had a taste of chicken drumstick this morning!!

Time really flies, meimei is 4 months old already. I told my mum yesterday, don't know why looking after meimei, the time seems to pass faster & i was hoping she don't grow up so fast whereas Raeann, i was hoping she can grow up faster everyday. Now that she has grown up, i missed her baby's time lor.

I thank god for blessing me with these two lovely kids! =)

P/S : Also congrats to a blog reader; Wanzhen for the good result on her 3rd pregnancy, a baby girl she has always wished for. I told her, "god won't be harsh to kind people and your baby will be fine". All is well for you now, girl. Rest & eat well!

Edited : 10th March 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Flipping Burger

This hamburger flip and flip and flip everyday and everywhere!

My aunt & cousin said she looked exactly like me when i was a baby. Ha! I don't know cos i don't have any baby photos, too poor to even take a pic when i was born. But my sis insisted that she saw my baby photos before... Hmm... I, myself also never see before lor!