Tuesday, January 24, 2012

龙年行大运 2012 (Part I - 年除夕)

Happy Lunar New Year to all my dearest ones, friends and readers! May u all HUAT HUAT HUAT in this dragon year okay?

I've been busy from the eve of eve till today. 一天到晚忙个不停咯! Another round of house-visits today and i can finally relax.

Have you realised that out of so many CNY we've spent, only this year is raining? I mean, on the eve and first day (yesterday). Wonder why??? Becos this year is 水龙年 and therefore, to welcome the year, it has to come with alot of "水" (water) lor. That's what i heard, correct me if i'm wrong. =)

I took alot of pics this year, becos i've a phone with a quite tok-gong camera. CAMERA IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME LOR! Hence, i'll divide my CNY into a few posts to avoid photo-flood.

My D.I.Y manicure!

I hope i can squeeze out some time to do a decent mani/pedi next year. I hate to do it myself with my kids around. I can never get it done well on my first try. But anyway, i'm quite happy with this. Chin chai lah!

Raeann's D.I.Y pedicure by me! Nice not?

In the noon, my MIL called and asked us back for reunion lunch and so we went. We had three rounds of reunion meals that day. Cos after that, we rushed back home to have dinner with my family. 

My SIL and her assistant whipped up a table of 好料! Instead of the very-normal-every-time-also-eat-de steamboat, we had something different this year!!! 

While at home. Meimei's first Lunar New Year with us! =)

And after this, we rushed to Redhill for our 3rd round of reunion dinner/supper or whatever you called that. Of cos i never eat again lah! It's the same every year & to be honest, i don't like it! Like rushing here and there and it's not even new year yet. 

And you know what, we reached home ONLY at 12+am cos we went praying after Redhill. I cleaned up both of them until 1+am and i slept at 2+am. =( SO TIRED! My husband played mahjong upon reaching home and went out to pray after that, until 6-7am. 

My two kids received big fat angbaos for 压岁! Fattest one should be from my dad, then followed by my mum, haha!

Meimei is the center of attraction this year. Everywhere she goes, people snatch to carry and take pics with her. She posed until very tired yesterday until she refused to look at the camera after that, lol. 

Stay tuned for Part II! But all the first hand info/pics are uploaded on FB! =) 

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