Friday, January 27, 2012

龙年行大运 2012 (Part II - 初一 & 初二)


They said she looks like a doll. LOL

My lil' doll was so tired for the past few days. Cos everywhere she goes, she's getting all the attentions. People wanna carry her, take pics with her & etc. She smiles easily and that's why everyone wanna carry or play with her.

And my Raeann decided to wear this $10 romper instead of her Guess jeans. Cos her jeans was being washed and she complained tight. Haha! My cousin said this romper is nice & if there's adult size, she will buy. LOL! Material is very comfy too! What a steal right?! I bought it at Suntec, if i didn't remember wrongly.

As usual, my mum's side relatives will all come to our place to gather on 初一, this practice has been going on for many many years liao. That's why i said CNY is boring cos we're always doing the same thing every year.

My cousin and his pretty wife. I hope i can carry their baby soon!!! 加油!

Okay, Raeann looks like Bobo, i know.

Aftermath, we went for house visits to ZY's relatives' houses at around 2+pm till night. This is totally draining all my energy out. Cos after we reached home, i bathed for the two of them & fed them before i had my dinner at 10pm. =(

My husband said i'm 好命到 kaopeh. =,= Seriously, 好命 meh??? I dare not say i'm 苦命, but i'm definitely not 好命 lor. If i'm 好命到 kaopeh, then what's he?! 好命到 sibei sibei kaopeh? Everything also don't need to do, never help with the kids at all, everyday like living in his own world only. Don't understand why he thinks i'm very 好命 when i have to work becos he refused to support me & i've to look after his kids alone always.

Yes, i'm angry, super. It's okay that he don't give me anything & don't help in anything but why keep saying and telling people that "i'm 好命到 kaopeh" and gave people a wrong idea that he actually give me alot but i'm still not contented. And when people asked me, i will say the truth and that's when he will say i never give him any face. FML! So now, i just smile away lor. Aiya, 人在做, 天在看, i don't have to explain much. [All my branded bags (except that Prada clutch) are bought with my own money by the way. Funny why people think that he's the one who bought them for me! =,= And no, he don't give me a single cent.] Even if i'm 好命, it's all given by my parents & not him.


She wore a dress! Also $10, lol. Bought it from same shop! :)

And my lil' cutie pie!

All my relatives kept asking me to bring meimei to join those baby competitions. Hahah! I'd like to, but i've no time leh.

Went out for a short while to ZY's relative & friend's house to 拜年 then rushed back home cos relatives from my dad's side are coming to my place. :)

My ah ma!

My young cousin's kids. At the age of 25, she's doing a great job as a housewife; handling her 3 kids, household chores and cooking well. She's really a great mum, just like mummy Grace. Amazing lor, cos i can never do that. Cos first thing first, i can't cook, lol. And even if i try, ZY will always be there pouring 'cold water' on me. To avoid disappointment, i might as well don't cook, right? Haha

But my cousin married a good husband. Even though he's also very young, he's really good at parenting. He looks after the kids de leh. For so many years i seen him during CNY, he's always there looking after his kids. Maybe this is what motivates my cousin to be a housewife without complaints. As in, it's always good to see your partner helping out, even with just simple tasks. =)

Unlike me, during CNY every year, you will see me attending to my kids while my husband's enjoying his gambling, without fail. In the past, i will feel so unfair. Why issit always me?! At home = me, go out = me, everything falls on me. I don't even have time to sit down and rest. And we don't have any couple time at all. Wherever we go, no matter what occasions, we bring our kids along. But now, NUMB liao, really numb. And my husband still dare to say "i'm 好命到 kaopeh"???? In what sense, tell me? So pekchek one leh!


  1. I'm also a mum of 2. Fully understand how u feel cause both my kids look for me for everything. Their daddy can lie down on bed, relax watch tv. Sometimes really angry.. But I think our kids are more attached to us. My eldest is not even 3 and my youngest is not yet 1... Jia you ba to u & me ;)

  2. Hanor hanor, i feel for u too. :(

    Yes lor, they are very attached to me, everything also look for me, stick to me like a superglue.

    Sometimes it's indeed very pekchek cos here we are already busy like crazy and there they are in their own world, dreaming. Then when u nag, they will say "no choice what, they don't wanna find me". How will the kids be attached to them when they didn't put in effort to make them to, right?

    Like now i'm so sick, but i still need to attend to them from morning till night. Thank god my family helping me here and there, otherwise i think i'll really die. Sick, cannot rest and need to bathe/feed/attend to them.

    Anyway, yes, JIAYOU to us!!! ^^

  3. Ya lor.. Sitting there won't build stronger bond with the children. Sigh.. We are really on the same boat.. Poor us, I just started having sore throat too. U take care and rest well.
    ~mum of 2~


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