Tuesday, January 31, 2012

龙年行大运 2012 (Part III - 初三; 春到河畔)

Hard to make them cooperative, really.

Nothing much on 初三 cos i refused to go 拜年 again, and i initially wanted to rest at home since i'm starting work on 初四. But well well, ZY suggested to bring the kids here (below) and i obliged lor...

Anyway, my MIL came with us cos ZY asked her to go & sign up phones before that and she's very funny cos ZY merely asked if she wanna tag along anot and at first she said she can't cos she's cooking halfway. And then...

3 secs later...

She called home, "Eh, help me to cook the rest hor. I'm going to 河畔 with ZY they all cos he kept asking me to go lor".

Oh well! 

My sis went along too but it's me who kept asking if she wanna go anot cos i saw her tweets saying that she has no programs that day.

Thought that it won't be so crowded since alot of people are starting work on that day but well, i was wrong. Even saw ZY's distant relatives there (those we met once a year), how small the world can be?

Then ah, MIL was so enthu telling all the distant relatives that Raechelle looks exactly like ZY when he was a baby. Then my sis said...

Bo: 4 years ago, she was so enthu telling people that Raeann looks like ZY instead of you. Then 4 years later, she insisted Raechelle looks like ZY and Raeann looks like you more.

Me: You know right! =,=

I don't know what does this mean? How come it's a tiger instead of dragon?

I asked her to go take a pic with this pig becos she's born in the year of pig. At first, she rejected cos she insisted she's born in the year of CAT. I told her this last time becos i said she's so stingy so she's born in the year of cat. And she 认定 that she's born in the year of cat also. Ask her what's her zodiac, she will tell u cat. LOL

And my baby bunny! =D

This was taken by Bo when Raeann was playing (expensive) games. I had to carry her cos she's melting inside the pram. Poor meimei! So warm and stuffy!!!!!!! Hot die us!

Nothing much there lah, except alot of nice food. But i don't feel like eating there cos it's too stuffy and crowded at the food area.

And before we left, we saw GCT, drove pass us, his car plate is 2128, lol! Think there's some fireworks that day and that's why he's there. Not sure cos we didn't stay for that!

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