Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sigh... i lost $268 in mj last night!!! The two pro players are really so pro lor, and they're so damn lucky, their tiles all the way very very nice leh. But it's okay lah, 我输的起 one. Dislike playing mj with those 输不起 people, lose abit only, the face black like charcoal. Then don't bring money to play mj, as if he/she will definately win. If lose, then owe people, like forever.

Kept losing lately, my swayness is slowly coming back, lol. But my mum always tell me, "破财消灾", lose abit of money but in return get a smoother life. Hopefully. I'm not a hardcore gambler anyway. Of all the gambling games, i only know how to play mj and blackjack (not really interested too), the rest, i'm not interested.

Gave $200 to my aunt yesterday also, for CNY. My AWS is almost finishing, forked out 1K for giving angbao, ZY forked out 1K too. (Last year, my angbao-giving hitted $2K, don't know how i 'bao' leh! =,=)

So, this is how i spent my money, unknowingly. Sob, sob! Wonder why must have CNY har?! Boring!!! :(

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