Friday, January 6, 2012

Changing of new notes!

Heh, i think i changed too much $10 new notes liao. I need more $2!!!

OCBC limit : $10 - $2K, $2 - $400.

I just changed $1.6K, need to make another trip down to change more (need to change a total of $3K). SIAN!

OCBC's angbao not nice leh, and they very stingy, only give one person a pack. DBS's angbao is nicer and not so stingy. LOL

I very auntie, i know. Haha!

Very happy today, cos i FINALLY see 'improvement' in my bank account, after so long...

And... i had a night of good sleep last night! So fresh now!

Rise and shine, good morning all~

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