Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fidgets @ Turf City

Made a very bold decision to bring my two kids out alone on Saturday to meet-up with PY & Alexis to Fidgets @ Turf City, cos there's no one to look after meimei for me! So yeah, one baby & one kid, thank god PY is around, else i think i might die, due to warmness.

Yes, everything's so nice at Fidgets; sofa is new and comfy, price is reasonable, huge & spacious, safe for kids, free carpark with lotsa parking lots & etc, BUT air con is not strong enough, too warm!!! With the weekend crowds, i think they should set the air con to a lower temperature.

Both of them were quite cooperative until meimei started to feel sleepy but too warm to fall asleep and gets a little cranky for awhile. Warm until face so red like she had blusher on! LOL! 我也是很热咯!

But overall, everything's okay, meimei did fell asleep eventually for a short 15 mins then woke up to play & smile again (she smile and giggle easily).

As for Raeann, she was really well-behaved, cos ZY's not around. Haha! She had so much fun with Alexis for a good 4 hours. We left when they announced that they're closing, didn't realised we stayed for so long man!

So happy that i've finally found a partner that i can get along well with, to bring our kids out together. I may have alot of friends and is very friendly, but i don't like to mix around. I will only go out with people whom i feel 100% comfy with. You see, i'm really not desperate for friends.

Can't wait for our next meet-up to...

Bringing our girls to a baking class! =)

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