Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is it only me?

When i say i hate CNY now, i really mean it. Hate as in, i dread for this day to come every year.

It's not only about the angbao-giving. Even if i'm not married now, i'll also think this way. Becos...

Not Married = relatives' pestering, paiseh to take angbao cos so old liao. (That's what happening to my cousins.)

Married = relatives' pestering about having kids & give angbao = damn sian.

Married with kids = relatives' pestering about having MORE kids & give angbao. The consolation is, your kids get angbaos too. BUT, it's to be deposited into their bank account, see no touch. (That's what happening to me.)

I'm analysing what will happen to me during every CNY IF i'm not married or with no kids yet.

They said, CNY is the time whereby all the relatives gather around. Seriously, if you and your relatives are really close kind, do you have to wait till CNY to gather?

I hate house-visitings, it's so troublesome and tiring, especially with kids around. I never had to do any house-visits before married becos everyone will come to our house.

They said, CNY is the time when you can gamble and gamble all day and night. CAN MEH? For my case, no leh.

I cannot gamble when my kids are around. I can only play mahjong after i put them to bed. And wakes up as early as them the next morning! Not that my mum don't wanna help me, it's cos my kids are used to my smell? They will definately look for me every night when they wanna sleep. Raeann and Raechelle are both lidat! That's why i cannot sneak out, becos i'll have to rush back IF they wakes up in the middle of the night.

See? All in all, it's just one word; SIAN! Sigh. I don't know if it's only me that feel this way?


  1. im exactly same as you.
    at least your mum offer to help you.
    nobody offer to help me when i want to go out and have some alone time.
    stay at home mum also need some air to breathe lor! :(

  2. Everyone needs some personal space and time. And yes, i'm so lucky to have my mum around.

    But the thing is, my kids will look for me at certain time and nothing will ease them from not being cranky, until i come back. I can bring Raeann with me but not meimei as she's still too small and i don't think i'm able to handle a baby and a kid alone outside, with all the baby stuffs i've to bring along. That's why i rather stay at home lor.

    But i believe life will gets better when meimei grows up and able to walk on her own, cos i can bring both of them out alone by then. :)

    Cheer up lady! Life will get better when all your kids grow up!


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