Sunday, January 1, 2012

Love Raechelle's eyes & smile!

Her smile is so irresistible, i'm addicted to it. Everyday, when she wakes up, she smile at me. When i smile at her, she smile back at me. When i look at her, she smile at me. When i scold her, she also smile at me. LOL

My mum said she has started to look for me, she will be cranky when i'm not around. I told her, "of cos lah, i look after her myself de leh".

When my mum told me this just now, i asked meimei on the spot, "u looking for mummy huh?". She still reply, "ahhhhhhh" with a wide smile! So cute!

Really can't bear to go back to work lor! For the first time, i actually wanted to be a SAHM, so badly.

But i cannot don't work, i've too many things i need to pay for. No work = no money = cannot survive.

ZY's moving back later... I need to adjust back my sleeping time liao! Once again, changes in my life, hope i can adapt to it asap!


  1. why not ask you hubby to support u and the kids so that you can stay at home and take care of kids?

  2. Hahaha i wished. But he don't want! LOL

  3. I am just curious, wat is ur hubby's job? Bcoz u mention that he can go out everyday. Maybe he is billiard professional?


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