Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Raeann's new best friend, Alexis!

It's really funny how they became best friend overnight!

And i really mean "BEST FRIEND". As in, Raeann will pester me to ask PY to bring Alexis over to play with her and vice versa. And she's so willing to share everything with her! They can have fun even when it's only the two of them.

It's funny cos PY said Alexis doesn't like to play with other kids. Told PY it might be due to, 1) they're same age (2 months apart), 2) they're the same pattern - tom boy. But Alexis is much much better than Raeann even though she also doesn't like to tie hair and wear skirt/dress. LOL! They're both not vain at all!  I think it's good becos we (old friends) can catch up while they play! :)

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