Monday, January 16, 2012

Botak Raechelle

Raechelle is 4 months old (lunar calendar) today. According to Chinese tradition, baby has to shave their head before they can enter temples. Raeann's hair was shaved at 4 months (some at 1 month, it depends on individual), and so is Raechelle...

If you've followed my blog, you should know that i've accidentally lost Raechelle's umbilical cord (tor zai) & has been guilty since the day i found out. And so, i've deliberately arranged an appointment with Huaxia Taomaobi Centre to shave her head (and made her hair into hair brush) yesterday.

I've to admit, i didn't expect the price to be so... expensive! I chosen the one with her name stamp on top and some engravings on the brush itself & it costed $208. Plus the box with engraving that costed $90.00 and GST, i paid a total of $310.30... for ONE brush. Everyone said i 'kena chopped'. My dad said he also know how to make for me, at less than $50. HAHAHA

Actually, i wanted to make Raeann's umbilical cord into a stamp too but... maybe later, too expensive!


Meimei didn't make a single sound at all! I took a video (rotating it now) but there were alot of 'background' voices when i've already told them not to make any noise as i wanna take video. Sigh! And why hor, the image will suddenly become yellowish as i change the angle huh? Issit due to the lightings or my phone? So sad that the video turn out lidat! :( 

They took half of her hair to make the brush and gave me the other half to keep. At least now, i'm not so gulity liao, one keep umbilical cord, another one keep hair, FAIR!


Botak cuter hor?! =)


Botak mei is drinking milk on her own now! Started training her when she was less than 3 months old.


Botak mei had a taste of chicken drumstick this morning!!

Time really flies, meimei is 4 months old already. I told my mum yesterday, don't know why looking after meimei, the time seems to pass faster & i was hoping she don't grow up so fast whereas Raeann, i was hoping she can grow up faster everyday. Now that she has grown up, i missed her baby's time lor.

I thank god for blessing me with these two lovely kids! =)

P/S : Also congrats to a blog reader; Wanzhen for the good result on her 3rd pregnancy, a baby girl she has always wished for. I told her, "god won't be harsh to kind people and your baby will be fine". All is well for you now, girl. Rest & eat well!

Edited : 10th March 2012


  1. Yes! Botak look cuter...hehe,she's really very cute with big big eyes.

  2. After going through so many ups and down. Is he the one for u for life? How long did u date him b4 marrying?

  3. Thank you Leen on behalf of Raechelle. :)

  4. Anonymous,

    Hmm... Why u suddenly ask this qns wor?

  5. I just find you very strong after dealing with all this. I just don understand how u just accept him back after all this. U must be very certain that he is the one or else you wouldn't have take him back. Even you don wan your kids to have the issue with single parent in future. But there is only certain amount a person can tolerate but she/he break down/burst.

  6. ur baby looked like you

  7. Anonymous,

    Hmm, i guess i've changed my view for marriage ba. Used to think that even after married, hubby must dote on wife and be as sweet as dating time. But the fact is not lidat.

    Heard alot of stories and realised, actually alot of men doesn't care for the wife but only the kids after married (some even kids also don't care, so i think i'm consider lucky liao). That's why now, we both only focus on our kids, thats all. Talk about love and feeling? I guess, NUMB is the best word to describe.

    Just bo chup everything lor. When u don't bother about him, then u won't find any fault about him either.

    看开一点 lor!

  8. I am really afraid to step into marriage because I scare I will fail. I really can't see the same person for my whole entire life. Being together with my bf for nearly 4 yrs. At times when we argue, I just feel like running away. I just find it too tired and painful. Especially with the same issues keep going on and on.

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    It's not advisable to comment much on people's r/s or marriage. I can only tell u to choose & think wisely before u decided to marry someone.

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