Monday, January 9, 2012

Raechelle is sucha precious!

Isn't it? :)

Besides being so adorable, she's also a lucky star which many people claimed so? Hmm, i don't know. Cos all i want from them is to be safe and healthy always & i'll be healthy enough to watch them grow, get married and have kids.

Lovin' my hair so much, too much, very much now!!!


  1. Hi Joanne, the durian cake that u bought for ur hubby's bday last yr,is it nice?

  2. alot of durian filling? I really like those with alot of durian filing. I have try one b4 is inside of the cake alot of durian mousse and the side and top a thin layer of meringue then the base is biscuit.

  3. Yes, quite alot. But if you're comparing with those branded, of cos it's not as gd cos it's very very cheap, $30+ for 1KG.

    However, mine and ZY's family think their cakes are nice, very soft.

  4. I really admire you that u can stay with ur family. Staying outside is vomit blood

  5. Hanor, i know. So blessed to have my family. :)


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