Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Red Packets

Okay, i'm very auntie again.

SPC's red packets nice leh, 2 colors in a pack. Caltex's so-so only. Sheng Siong's also not bad. LOL!

Later i'm going to DBS bank again, 顺便 take red packets from them, AGAIN. =X

Free one, 不拿白不拿 right?! Don't have to buy this year liao! Every year, i'll buy de lor, cos i cannot resist those cute cute ones.

I think i've a strange dream last night...

I dreamt of ZY planning a surprise birthday party for me with alot of my friends around! =,=

It's strange cos it will never happen IRL, it will only happen in my dreams. Keep on dreaming Joanne, at least it's a sweet one. LOL

Better than dreaming about something else which will freak me out... Eg: HAIR.

Anyway, just being random, this is how epidural looks like...

Look at how huge the needle is!!! And it is to be poked into the spine!!! The reason why i didn't take epidural during my 2nd delivery was cos, i was freaked out by the size of this needle during the 1st delivery. When i saw the needle, i've already signed the form, so it's too late to back out! Thus, this 2nd one, i die die don't want to inject even though the nurses kept tempting me to do so.

However, somehow, during the 'pushing part', whereby the baby's head is stucked at the cb and it's so fucking painful, that was the time i regretted not injecting epidural, only that moment actually.

Well, inject or not, it's still FUCKING PAIN to give birth. Only some guys think it's easy, becos they didn't and will never experience that kind of pain.

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