Friday, January 6, 2012


Been some time since i blogged with pictures... Cos 1) my office new desktop has no pictures at all and it's mainly for office use and 2) i've no time to take pics!

Finally, it's weekend!!! Don't have to wake up that early tomorrow (maybe slightly later, around 8? depends on what time my kids wake up lor) and so, i can sleep late without feeling guilty, lol! In fact, i've been sleeping late (like 2am) almost everyday due to insomnia. :(

Nothing much, except very tired everyday. But nothing beats seeing the smiles of my two "Rays", it sparks up my day instantly. Not kidding, their smiles are miracle.

A little emo lately, probably cos i'm too tired + facing a non-helpful husband. Nope, he doesn't help AT ALL! But, whatever.

It's only them that matters! :)

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