Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Similarities between the sisters!

Watch this (if you haven watch it before or have forgotten)!!!

This is Raeann!

She was 5 months 5 days old then (if i didn't record wrongly).


This is Raechelle @ 3 months 27 days old.

Okay, meimei is bigger in size, since the day she was born. But i think they do strike some resemblances somewhere like, shape of the head? complexion? chubby-ness? Meimei's eyes are much bigger lah! And thank god both my kids' complexion are fair like me, not chao-ta like ZY.

Please grow well & be safe always, my two babies! =)


  1. Other than the eyes they look totally the same... And MeiMei looks more girly?

  2. I suppose so, i also dunno? Yes, other than the eyes, they look the same i think! LOL


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