Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tiring Day 2!

Work has resumed back to normal, which means, i need to go out often to run errands, purchase and deliver, and most of the time, i'll be on the road instead of enjoying aircon in the office liao. Spent half a day on the road today and the glaring hot sun is harming my skin. Maybe i should start using sunblock if not i'll get tanner and tanner as i get older.

I do have lotsa admin work to do too. But this Office 2010 is really vomit blood, use until very pekchek.

Used my lunch hour to bring Raeann to school earlier, only managed to grab a piece of bread for breakfast and lunch, no time! Gonna pick her up from school at 5pm later cos i promised her just now. Hope i can shed off the remaining 5kgs with this busy life!

It's so fucking tired to manage work and kids at the same time. Waking up at 7am everyday, prepare myself and 2 kids, then send them to aunt's place, then rush to office before 9am. Picking both of them up after work and looking after them at night, all alone. I wonder how long i can last!

It's a new challenge for me and NO WAY, not gonna give up so easily, i'm tough!

In ZY's eyes, i'm a very very strong woman and that's why, he don't give a damn. He thinks that i can handle everything by myself. After all these years, yes, i'm trained to be one. And i'm indeed handling everything by myself.

So yea, i'm tough, i can't give up, for the sake of my kids!

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