Friday, February 3, 2012

龙年行大运 2012 (Part V - 初七)

SIL's parents and relatives came to our house to 拜年 and we went out for dinner together!

It's 人日, everyone's birthday!

My very first lou-hei for the Dragon year! I missed two chances to lou before that cos i was attending to Raechelle!

HUAT AH!!!!!!!

I was still VERY VERY sick then. Pale face, red nose, heaty lips & messy hair. I had to slap a little blusher on if not i really look like ghost lor! Only blusher and nothing else, i don't even bother to draw eyebrows! Haha! What a spoilsport to be sick during CNY! :(


  1. She looks like a boy here! But still as cute ; )

  2. Haha, both my girls look like boy when baby time. =)


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