Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6 cars in a family, 夸张 anot?

1) Mum's - Toyota 
2) ZY's - BMW
3) Mine - Suzuki
4) Bro 1 - Chevrolet
5) Bro 2 - Kia

And, my sis is gonna buy a car soon, she just got her licence by the way. I just helped her to get the green light from my dad to pass her his existing carplate.

I'm not boasting okay, cos there's nothing fantastic about our cars, all are cheap cheap ones. But 6 cars in a family, where to park?! I've already given my 'parking lot' to ZY. If my dad's the one getting a new car, i've to 'migrate' to park outside liao. Hahaha!

But i've already decided, my next car, i will do a number bidding, either 78 or 7878, my house unit number. :)


I did this with my HCP last night, Muah Chee!

It really tasted not bad! First attempt and it's a success! :)

My new bling bling car refresherner! Mummy bought it for me!

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