Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amazing Hatyai (16th - 19th February 2012)

Aiyo, i've been thinking how should i blog about the latest Hatyai trip, whether to make it day by day or combine altogether into one post? Becos i've been going there so often, makes me kinda bored to blog about it too. Yes! Hatyai has become my 2nd home! I'm sure i'll be there again SOON! And also, i've uploaded all my pics daily on FB, all my friends have already viewed it there...

Hmm, i think i will pick out all the interesting pics and put them into one post, in order not to make myself and you people bored.

Uncle brought us to eat this yummylicious duck rice/noodle at only S$1.50 per plate/bowl the moment we arrived.

I love to see her in this Guess jeans cos it fitted her soooo well!

S$5.00 per pax Mookata buffet for dinner! It's so cheap there!!!

Moo = Pork, Kata = BBQ Steamboat. We also have it in SG but price's like 5x more expensive!!!

But Bo eat until very sad cos it takes quite long to cook at first! Haha! Simply everyone was kpkb-ing there lor!

End Of Day One

Woke up damn early to bring Raeann for breakfast despite the late night gossip session the night before with my sis! Oh yeah, someone is damn fake and fucker! Wanna know who? *App me priest, THE WALL GOT EARS u know?". Haha! 

Spot Sadako!!

While waiting for Bo, she's damn molly ok!

Who don't love camwhoring right? But please don't ever spam all your big ass pics on FB. Example: 5-10 pics of the same pose, same clothes & same face. =,= Choose the nicest one lah!

Our dinner that night with uncle! Wah kao, this is damn scary! So much lor! But their curry crabs damn nice lah!

My happy girl!

Changed into this pair of S$10 slipper to go for night shopping!!!

Oh yes, i didn't bring her milk powder there and i told her before hand that i'm not bringing. Then i saw this at supermarket and bought it for her! She has "ni gian" one, cannot live without milk, which is good! And spot her new slipper too! =D

Totally exhausted after the night shopping! No nap and walk alot!

End Of Day Two

Woke up damn early again cos Raeann kept complaining hungry lah so i brought her for breakfast lor. This time round, together with my bro, we hiong in to eat for free instead of paying 120 baht per pax. Cos ZY saw people hiong in too on the first day and said we kena cheated, so he asked me not to pay on the 2nd day.

Then, we took a tut tut to Robinson ourselves. And Boon & Qing came to pick us to Lee Garden Plaza! Had wanted to get our mani & pedi done, but don't know why leh, the lady boss emo, refused to do business.

End up, i spent 5 hours here with Raeann lor, ZY disappeared (as usual), Bo, Boon & Qing went to dental halfway. It's a super small flea market inside the shopping mall! There are only about 20 stalls. Know why?

BECOS OF THESE LAH! Handmade one by one slowly on the spot!

Bought a few other handmade goodies as well.

Dinner with uncles and ZY after that. Raeann said this is NOT PAIN AT ALL and some adults were shock when they saw her jumping around on it. Haha!

Her new slipper and shoe hair clips! So cute right!

After dinner, to Greenway night market and we saw this there! What is this?

Back to hotel, ordered some room service to have a mini Birthday celebration for Boon. He's the one who kept persuading us to go Hatyai de lor, cos he wanted to celebrate his birthday there. But he don't want any cake, =.=! So i ordered this for him!!! All of us are the same, we don't like to be centre of attraction. I'll feel weird when everyone looks at me. I've a very interesting sibling story leh, share next time! =P

End Of Day Three

Went for a short massage with Bo before departing, our flight's at 2:20pm HDY time. Like finally lor, i never have the chance to try out their massage for the past few times i went. Becos i'm a slave, remember?! 300 baht + 100 baht tip, my masseur very money face, cb! Give her 50 baht, she still ask me can eat what! Nb!

And we have to rush to airport to have our late breakfast and lunch there becos we don't want to miss our flight lah. Then end up...

Our flight delayed for ONE hour!

And we spent more than 20,000 baht in this newly open (one month) mini DFS shop! =(

My sis said she has a personal BUTCHER, servant, security guard & etc!

I think she looks more like the servant instead, haha!

Okay, finally, bye Hatyai! We will be back soon! =D


  1. mmmm.... do i have a share for the little gifts which u waited very long ??
    keke.. They are so cute...

  2. Yes, indeed cute lor, and not really exp. It's the WAITING TIME that killed me. I wanted to make more but i waited until very tired, really tired. Next time when i go, i make for u okay! What name you want to put? =)

  3. mAy i know the loc of mookata pls? tks!

  4. may i know the location of the mookata? be gg this weekend. tks n cheers!

  5. mAy i know the loc of mookata pls? tks!


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