Monday, February 20, 2012

Back and broke!

Woohooo, i'm backie... and quite broke now! LOL

Actually, not i broke lah, cos Raeann sponsored S$2K to this trip (ZY & me paid S$500 each), we took the money from her bank account, so Raeann is broke now. Haha

In case people thought why we spent our chid's money, i had to clarify that, that's our joint account.

We spent a total of 70,000 baht there, which is about S$3K.

Erm, let me break down of what we spent...

ZY took 30,000 baht at first and left me 20,000 baht. And then, on the 2nd night, mum asked uncle to pass us some money cos, i realised, i've not much left after paying for hotel. Hotel costed me 6,000+ baht for two rooms, three nights.

And then, ZY spent another 13,000 baht to buy a pair of blue sapphire ring for us...

My bro asked me to buy this design and ZY also bought one for himself (same design, couple ring or what!) after i paid. After some po-lo-soh-ness, he's buying for me as a Valentine's day gift, lol.

So, after deducting everything, i only spent 21,000 baht (S$875) on food for everyone (most of the time i pay), on all Raeann & Raechelle's stuffs, some little key chains (for aunt & cousins, to thank them for helping me to look after Raechelle when i was away), souvenirs for the family and a few stuffs for myself.

Then ZY blamed me for not getting stuffs for his nephews & niece... Like wow? Why can't he buy himself? =.= He spent all his money on himself, and i've to shop and spent for everyone else? What a joke! But money is not the issue, I carried until going to die!!!

At there, we always go seperate ways. Everyday, he simply said bye after breakfast & threw Raeann to me. Then at night after dinner, he will said bye again (go for massage) & threw Raeann to me again. I'm just like a slave there, the king's enjoying himself and i've to look after his princess.

I brought Raeann to shopping with my sis, i had to look after her and carry SO MANY bags of stuffs at the same time. My sis bought more than me, so she can't help me to carry. And this Raeann is sooooo troublesome. Every hour said she's hungry, after eating complain 肚子痛, said she wanna shit, bring her to toilet said 大不出. =.= He will never know how troublesome it is cos he never had to do all these. He will use his mouth to order me to do. Ya, i'm so "好命" cos my husband brought me to holiday to "enjoy" myself. I asked him to go himself next time.

But still, Hatyai is a very nice place to shop, especially on kids and babies' stuffs. It's so cheap there, but also very bulky. My luggage was so full until like going to explode.

I'm kinda moodless to blog about the trip now... Let me switch myself back to the reality first and i'll blog about it when i feel like it!

Last but not least...

Happy 5 months old, baby Raechelle!!! =)

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