Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baking Fun @ Genius R Us

Date : 11th February 2012, Saturday
Venue : City Square Mall

Bought the vouchers to attend this workshop one month ago from an online shopping platform, arranged to go with PY and Alexis! What i can say is, ALL of us had lotsa fun and buying this deal is no regret!

Yes, this is for the kids. But kids below 6 has to be accompanied by a parent, so both of us attended too.

Quite alot of kids & adults one leh!

We have to make this dough ourselves, thus explained why there's no pics before that!

So cute lah, they are stamping their little finger prints onto the dough!

Sweetie Alexis!

Need to force her to take this pic, don't understand why she doesn't likes to take pic?

Best friend now! I LOVE THIS PIC LEH!!! Taken by PY!

Friends since 13 YO and for life.

I realised, such friends (seldom contact but never forget) last. Those that meet up too often, especially big group seldom last. Seen too many good examples and experienced it myself too. I never like going out in big group one.

Moulded the dough and off to bake!

P/S : While waiting, i took all the pictures above!

Next, we were given this to decorate our cookies!!!

Haha, except the rabbit, Raeann played a part in decorating all the cookies. Cos her hands are too fast! She started anyhow dot on the cookie before i know. And some are purely done by her, the star is her best creation, i think.

Happy kid! =)

We brought back two boxes (12 cookies) back for the family. And you know, the cookies taste soooooooooo delicious! Even ZY, that most fussy eater in the family said so!

Aiya, looks like i can only go for this once! Cos hor, scally later see that CCFFWEMCJT there also. Aiyo!

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