Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Did this last night...

Raeann has PLENTY of pictures and i had a hard time searching for the nicer ones.

And of cos, not forgetting my meimei!!!

Gonna insert this into their profile! =D 

Oh yah, today's my ah ma's 16th death anniversary, how time flies, she has been gone for a good 16 years liao. Wonder how's she living up there?!

This ah ma is my mum's mum, we were very close cos we stayed together when she was alive. She, my ah po & aunts took care of us when we were young as our parents were too busy with work. I still can remember bits and pieces of her, not kidding.

Like how she loved to lock herself inside her room and refused to open the door for us no matter how we knocked. (But she was a little deaf btw.) And the only way to make her open the door for us cos we needed to take our things so urgently was... "AH MA, GOT FIRE". LOL! And she would panickly ran to open the door. Haha!

"Ah ma, how have u been? Have you seen your two (latest) great grandchildren? They are so fun and mischievious. And please bless all your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, everyone okay?"

And, 今天我有口福了! My ah kim cooked sooooooooooooooo much food to pray my ah ma and my mum brought it here for me to enjoy. There's curry, soup, dim sums & etc, yummy! My (half) canteen will be on renovation from today onwards! Renovate half then won't be dusty and dirty meh? I don't know lah but i guess i won't be eating there these few months. Maybe i'll drive nearby to dabao lor.


  1. u seems to dote mei mei more. Is it bcoz she is more guai?

  2. Not really. Becos her dad and my mum will focus on Raeann more and I've to look aft Meimei mah. That's why!!

    Then Meimei also likes to tk pics, that's why a lot of her pics, unlike Raeann, she doesn't like to tk pic de.

  3. oic. sorry. but ur mei mei very cute. Anyway raeann is the same age as my youngest nephew. So cute. Miss him so much.

  4. No worries dear! :) haha! Meimei just got scolded and smacked on her hand by me cos she keep pinching people; my face, now abit 破皮 liao!

  5. Hi,

    Just to check with you. Which website do you go to shop online? Can Share? Thanks alot! :)

  6. Hi,

    Are u Carine? Heehee Check it out (here) next 2 weeks, i'll posting up some hoh-liaos. =D

  7. Oh.. Haha!! Okok.. :) Thanks!
    Ya, I'm Carine =P


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