Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did you know...?

The second dose of the MMR vaccine has been brought forward from 6-7 years of age to between 15-18 months of age.

Read this!

Brought Raechelle for her jab this morning and i happened to see the poster about this new law. The jab is compulsory so i asked Raeann to take it too, might as well lah.

But hor, cannot let ZY know that this jab is fully subsidised in polyclinics if not he will kpkb kpkb again. I just gotta know about it cos i'm researching on it now. Wah lau, we paid $200+ just now! =X

Then again, my time is damn precious, I will not wait for the polyclinic queue again! MIL insisted Raeann to go for her first jab there and we waited for a long long long time! =,=

Anyway, I HAVE TWO VERY BRAVE GIRLS sia! Both of them never made a single sound when having their jabs just now. For Raeann, it's understandable, cos she's so old already. But when she was baby, she too, didn't cry when having all her jabs.

Then this meimei, never cry, no feeling, still can smile and smile and smile, really buay tahan her. We (doc and me) expected her to make at least one sound but no leh, she was smiling all the way, so lovable! I told the doc that maybe she's too fat and she can't feel the pain on her trotter thigh, lol.

Happy baby @ 5 months 1 day old; 63cm & 7.9kg.

But seriously, meimei really seldom seldom seldom cry. She keep smiling and laughing one, and she's okay with anyone.

Raeann was also lidat last time, but a little more hum-bao (cry baby). But she was also very friendly and okay with anyone too.

My aunt said she wasn't wrong to ask me to keep Raechelle that time cos she's soooo cute and lovable. I'm not trying to boast about my own kids lah, but it's true that she's lidat cos everywhere i go, people will tell me the same thing.

Therefore, all the fats i gained & pain i've gone through, are worthwhile! But two are more than enough for me, i hope those crazy people will stop pestering me to give birth again. Although i concieve easily and give birth very fast & easy too, but i'm not a machine and I'VE NO MONEY! Want baby? Give birth yourself okay?

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