Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Draw Something

More and more people are playing this game now! Go DL, it's free!!! A lame but funny game and you get to see all your friends' hilarious drawings. You can really LOL when playing. I've already played till the maximum turns at 99, within one day! But my phone keep hanging leh, cos there are one whole lot of people on my list now!

Bo wrote "WWF", my friend asked what generation is she in? Cos it has changed to WWE since long time ago! LOL

Tell me, in what way this looks like "Lady Gaga"?

This is damn nice but i don't know what am i supposed to guess! Haha!

Reg said this is a TADPOLE! I asked him why his tadpole doesn't looks like a tadpole. He said it does, it's a 3rd stage tadpole. =.=

Haha, my poodle!!

Can u guess what's this? (Ans: Password. I got it right!)

He said this is "NAVY". I didn't get it right!

Super funny can! I had a great time laughing over the weekends.

Heard Raeann scolding her sister this morning the moment she wakes up. Asked her why and she said "meimei keep disturbing me when i was sleeping". Asked how meimei disturbed her, she said "她把她的手指放进我的鼻子". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've two very mischievious and cheeky daughters.

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