Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going to Hatyai again!

Aiyo, Tiger website is getting on my nerves leh... I've to book air tickets for so many people, but if i book all at the same time, the price increases another $40 per pax. =.= WHY LIDAT ONE HAR? Now waiting for my bro's friend see if he/she can get cheaper anot. Sigh

Aiya, our backside itchy lah. We can actually get it at a much cheaper rate de, but due to procrastinations, we're paying double the amount per pax now, child also same price hor, bringing Raeann along by the way.

You know what's/who's stopping me?

It's her!

Gonna miss my popiah roll at night so much, for 4 days! :( She has got no passport yet and bringing her along now is totally not advisable. I didn't want to go but ZY wanted to go, badly.

Gonna miss her laughter and smile...

Haha, my mum was watching the Sheng Siong show! LOL! And i don't know what's Raeann singing lor!

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