Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A good 5 years...

Me : Eh dear, do u remember when is our wedding anniversary and how many years have we been married?

ZY : Forgot liao...

Me : *agitated* Wah lau eh, u this kind of husband, damn irritating.

ZY : Aiya, just kidding lah, of cos i remember.

Me : How many years lah? And when?

ZY : 5 years lor, 24th March.

Okay, am glad he still remember.

Me : Are you bringing me anywhere?

ZY : I bring u out lah, BUT U PAY! I can also buy u present, BUT U PAY!

FML man, this is the answer he gave me when i asked if he's going to bring me out on this Valentine's day. But it's okay lah, i'm gonna treat him to crab feast on either day, with the kids of cos! (Well, do be thankful if you doesn't need to pay anything when you're out with your husband, becos i'm spending part of my salary on all these.)

Wow, 5 years liao, it also means that we are old liao, sian! Really dislike the word 'old' lor!

My current favourite hokkien song, it's very meaningful if you can understand hokkien! :)

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