Monday, February 13, 2012


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As promised, i'm gonna intro you ladies one very nice online shop today! I've been a regular of this shop since hmm... 2 years ago? Even when i was pregnant with meimei, i still bought from them cos surprisingly, i could wear some of their dresses till the day i delivered! And i received nice comments from people that my 'maternity clothes' are very pretty (given them to ZY's friend already)! Haha! I didn't buy any maternity wear this time round. Cos 1) too ugly, 2) too expensive.

For your info, i was 71kgs on the day i delivered. =X (If calculated by the exact weight before pregnant at 48kgs, i putted on a total of 23kgs actually. But my weight fluctuated due to morning sickness and taking the prevent vomiting pills.)

But i bought my dresses from this shop at less than $30 each, great deal right? If you should know, i still stick to my 'below $30' rule when shopping for apparels, i don't own any branded apparels. But nowadays ah, online shops are getting more and more expensive. However, there are still shops offering good quality apparels at less than $30. HanaSecret is one of them! =) I find it meaningless to get those cheap cheap ones (below $20) but bad quality and you have to throw after wearing it for less than 5 times, if you get what i mean.

This is my current favourite black OL dress! I love this cutting alot, cos it makes me look slimmer. Hehe! Yes, i'm still FAT! =( So if you're fat like me, don't worry okay, we can fit into most their apparels!

P/S : You can wear a belt if you like! Up to your own preference! =)

You know, i can't help but feel so retard when i asked people to help me to take the pictures above. Cos i'm not a model lah, i don't know how to pose nicely in front of the camera and i find it weird? Haha! But well, i've to deliver what i promised, this is how you gain trust! =) And sorry, if they were badly taken!

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