Monday, February 6, 2012

The last few days of CNY!

Finally, today's the last day of CNY!!! But i'm sick again, like real sick. Totally voiceless now, ZY asked me not to talk cos i sound very man. Hahah! But don't know why he keep talking to me leh?

Actually, i'm recovering liao but on Friday evening, my nose started dripping like crazy again, then i woke up with a sexy voice on Saturday morning, and voiceless on Sunday morning. How great! I want my voice back lah, it's so torturing to talk lidat!

I hope i don't spread it back to my kids. *pray* I can't seperate them from me despite being so sick cos there's no one to bathe/attend to them, and they are very attached to me. So ya, i'm too "好命" liao. No wonder i can't seem to recover after so long!

Friday, 3rd Feb 2012

ZY went to attend his friend's wedding and i brought the kids out to meet my sis for dinner & a little shopping! It's been soooooooo long since i shopped outside. Cos i've no time, no time, no time. With the kids around, there's no chance for me to shop at all. All my recent shopping are done online, only online.

Kpo meimei drinking her milk, looking here and there while we enjoy our Pepper Lunch.

And i managed to lug home two pairs of new shoes!!!

This pair only costed $10! Cos there's a moving out sales! So proud of this purchase leh!

Whereas, this pair costed $25.90, but i swear it's very comfy! Bought alot of flats lately cos i need to carry baby everyday.

Shopped at JP by the way. And the moving out sales is at Point 2, level 3, near to Haagen Daz. The men shoes are damn cheap at two pairs for $36, you can hop over and take a look if ya interested! =D Well, i'm not selfish, i love to share, just cannot stand people who do and don't admit! And then twist the story around to the whole world, seeking for sympathy, i think. But it's okay lah, those who knows me, will know. Those who doesn't knows me, doesn't matter. You think i care?

 Saturday, 4th Feb 2012

My HCP arrived in the noon! Bought the pandan cake mix yesterday, gonna try it when i'm free!

Meimei's 4 & a half month old!

So fast lor, i've given birth for 4 months+ already, still 2-3 kgs away from my pre-preg weight leh! (Yay! Dropped another kg again, i've this love-hate feeling towards being ill, lol!)

She has a pair of beautiful eyes. Hope her right double eyelid will stays permanent!!!

Sunday, 5th Feb 2012

Very unwell, finally dragged myself to see a doctor. Unfortunately, all the western clinics were already closed, no choice but to see a chinese physician, too desperate. But fml lor, the medicine is not working at all and it's so bloody expensive! =.=

Before that, i had to bathe for my little boss first. She really enjoys bathing alot!!

Planking?! LOL

We arranged for a dinner appointment with Vic cos we have not seen her for a very long time, and she's flying off again tomorrow. I dragged myself there becos i really hope to see her again after so long. And thank god i went cos she might settle down in overseas soon!

Have known her for... 4-5 years, i think? I remember i was expecting Raeann that time, she was my bro's ex gf by the way, and she used to stay in our house. Don't know why, my family seem to have to special bonding with her, my parents (especially my mum) like her alot. Even now that they've broke off, we still stay in contact. It's fate, i guess?

On the way to VivoCity!

She sits #likeaboss!

And we had our dinner at Bosses; 黑社会. I always dine there becos i don't know what's nice at Vivo.

Haha, this is my mum's latest trademark pose! LOL

Really don't understand why lor, slim people gets slimmer while fat people gets fatter as the age rises. She's super slim now lor, i hope i can donate some of my fats to her.

I wish her all the best for her future endeavour! Keep in touch, sis!

ZY said when she carrys meimei, she looks like the one whom just gave birth. Haha!

Did i mention before that she was always mistaken as Raeann's mum when we go out? LOL

Monday, 6th Feb 2012

I bought meimei a new walker online. She can walk leh, but backwards! :)


  1. actually which one is your mum?? All look super young to me leh haha


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