Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Leap Year 2012

P/S : Once in every four years, Happy Birthday to all born today; 29th Feb! =D

My two babies in another Rilakkuma set!

In lunar calendar, today's 二月初八, it's a day choosen by the temple for meimei to be 观音娘娘's god child. Raeann was made into one when she was 4 months old, and thus, i wanna meimei to be one too. Thank you 观音娘娘 for protecting Raeann from harm and illness all these years. Please continue protecting my two babies, no words can describe how thankful i am to you.

Yes, i'm a pure taoist/buddhist, has been one since the day i was born and if you ask me if i believe in them, YES I DO. Especially when it come to my kids, i'm super pantang.

Lovin' this new flora top i bought from Tessco Lotus (Hatyai) so muchie!!!

I thought for a long time before buying even it cost only S$12. =.= Sometimes, i think i'm really 欠打. S$2K bag i think for 5 mins, S$12 top i think for 2 hours. LOL! My sis & Raeann lah, they said it's very aunty. But luckily i've a mind of my own, i think it's nice and i love it. I know that Flora trend is somehow dying off now, but as i said, i've my own mindset & taste, i'm not a copycat. HAHAHA

P/S : After i post this pic up on fb, someone asked me where did i bought this top lor!

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