Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Popin' Cookin' DIY Candykit

For the past two nights, we've been playing around with Popin' Cookin' DIY candykit! It's so amazing and fun can! But quite expensive though...

This is the gummyland candy kit. Bobo, Raeann & Jing did it two nights ago!

These two same face ones, good can be very good, if not can quarrel and quarrel. =.=

The mess they made, haha!

It will turn out like the above and it's edible okay!

Then last night, i was home alone spending my Valentine's day with my two kids. Yes, laugh at me all you want, cos my hb no buy me Prada (Suddenly you're into Prada and not LV anymore? What a coinciLAN again! lol). But please don't think i'll be sad of my life, my life's awesome with my kids around!

And, i tried this Sushi candykit with Raeann!!!

The "rice"!

The "roe"!

Kpo girl helping!!!

This is super fun leh!!! Nice anot?? ZY said the roe looked so real! It's all inside Raeann's stomach liao, and her comment? (Watch the video below!)


  1. Is it too sweet? Where u bought it uh? May I know how much do we have to give for the red packet for the CL? Thanks

  2. Eh, it taste like those gummies sweet lor. I bought it at Gmarket.

    Red packet = give them one when they come and one more when they go back.

    I gave her $28 when she came and $128 on meimei's baby shower and one addition $50 on the day she left, this one is optional though.

    Depends on you ba. If she's good, u can give more? heehee

  3. Yes,was thinking the same too... Give her a 'yi si' first if she's really gd will pack her more when she's gg... : )

  4. Yeap, at first wanna give her $50 when she came (cos i asked my friend) but my SIL kept telling me that i don't have to give so much first. So i gave $28 lor. But auntie is good so i gave her more when she left..

  5. Ya lo,pray hard that she's gd!!!!


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