Monday, February 27, 2012

Rilakkuma Babies

I hereby presents...

My two lovely babies!

You know, i love people dressing up their daughters in same attires. I think it's so cute! Like my cousin and one girlfriend, they always dress up their daughters similarly, so pretty! But it's so hard to find the same clothes for my two girls due to their 4 years age gap. I've been searching and searching and i found this in Hatyai! =D

Rilakkuma; my current favourite character and i've plenty of it's soft toys/cushions at home! My cousin used to be the boss of Prize Stage (or something, i forgot) and he gave them to me on Raechelle's baby shower after seeing some pics i posted on fb many months ago. Lovely cousins i have, blessed.

LOL, she kept complaining that her short is too small but refused to change it cos she wanna wear the same as her sister. I think it looks just nice on her leh, but she seldom wear short that's too short, must touch knee or longer than can. Super boyish!

My happy baby!

Stay cheeky and happy forever, my darling!

P/S : Booked an appointment for meimei's 6 months old photo shoot on our wedding anniversary, 3:30pm.

Hooked on this game "Draw Something" since Saturday after SS asked me to install. It's quite a lame game but it's so funny can! Can you guess what's my sis is drawing? LOL! Come & join me!

Dad just paid the deposit for his car, a black Merc S280L. Aiyer, this is no fun, i've to migrate to park outside liao! :(

Seriously lah, i don't know why my dad wanna buy a car cos he seldom drive. His previous car was parked at home most of the time. So waste of money lor! I asked him if he's buying for me to drive instead! Haha!


  1. can show those i draw nicer one want anot! :\

    Oh, that old man buy car liao ah. sian, buy also nv drive. put there bai swee. ppl touch also cannot. sian la. why he so chong dong ah?

  2. Priest leh, simply all your drawings are horrible...


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