Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too much coinciLANs?

Hmm... I really wonder why ah? Why coinciLAN ALWAYS happened AFTER I blogged? Not once. Not twice. But countless times.

When the same thing happened for countless times, how can it still be define as coinciLAN leh? Huh? Ms CoinciLAN?

Everyone can see you're trying way too hard, you know?

Yes, I'm not the first one who bought it, but I definitely bought it BEFORE her. I asked people who have it for advises and comments. I don't do things secretly and don't admit, unlike someone.

Nope, I'm not selfish. I shared my pictures & when people asked, no matter is strangers, acquaintances, friends or whoever, I shared my opinions and advices, I even sent them discount coupon so they can get it cheaper. But to this one particular person, sorry, I think she's a hardcore copier machine, no other machines work harder than her.

Becos she's doing it, not once, not twice, but countless times.

she's so 阴魂不散, scary!

Kinda numb by her dumb actions actually! Lol! That's why I'm not even angry or frustrated this time round. I am amused! HAHAHA

Guess she and her group of chio & yandao friends will have something new after I posted this. Trust me, they will, cos they are still stalking my blog. =)

Right anot? Ms CoinciLAN? It only goes to show how life-less you people are! Haha!


  1. Hi Joanne,
    you should be happy that the person or people are copying you. Bcoz you set the fashion trends for them since they have no fashion sense. Don care about this people. Eat full nothing else to do. Be happy!!!


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