Friday, February 10, 2012

What goes around, comes around.

The problem that lies with some people out there is, they don't understand the meaning of "what goes around, comes around".

If you're one who loves to gossip about/criticise/scold/curse & swear at others, then be prepared that one day, people will do the same to you too. This is a cycle.

If you cannot stand people gossiping about you, then 1) don't gossip about others, 2) don't do things to make others gossip about, simple.

Retaliate becos what others said is not the truth is another matter.

Moreover, if you think you did nothing of that sort, why bother? People might not be talking about you anyway. Don't think too much.

You see, i'm definitely not one who cannot stand people talking about me, but if it's not the truth, i will retaliate.

Becos i don't make up stories about others, i don't like people making up stories about me either.

And i don't usually gossip about people too, unless that person is super irritating, and he/she annoys me.

I always think that everyone is kind, unless he/she proven otherwise.

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