Friday, March 30, 2012

Pre-loved Gucci Wallet

Note : As this is a customer's sales post, it will stay on the top post for 3 days. Scroll below for latest posts. Thank you.

Seller : Vivian

Condition : 9/10 (Some traces inside due to cards but no scratches or defects.)

Measurements : 17cm x 8cm x 2cm

Price : S$300.00

Seller bought in Switzerland in January 2012, letting it go becos she's using a bigger one now.

Meet-up at Jurong or additional $5.00 for registered mail only.

Interested, please email to

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Planning a party...

Is so fucking tedious, troublesome & expensive!!! I know i'm very kiasu, i'm planning for my girls' birthday party, like now. LOL! Yeap, holding their birthdays together becos it's only 8 days apart.

But becos i've an ideal theme in mind, it makes everything much easier. Shall not reveal much, just in case, you know i know lah.

Party venue has been booked. Engaged Meiling's husband to be the photographer. Cake wise, i know what i want and has already found someone to customise it, $250 lor. Door gifts has also been ordered. Left buffet, decorations and some others, will confirm them when i get the RSVP guests list. About $2k+ for everything! Gosh!

If it wasn't that i promised i'll do a big party for meimei 1st birthday (becos i didn't do baby shower for her), i won't do it de lor. Very time consuming!! Anyway, it's the first and last time, i won't do any big party for them anymore, shall stick to home celebrations among ourselves.

Not gonna invite every friends, but only friends with kids & some closer ones. Becos as what PY said, "make it their party instead of yours". No point inviting all my friends, becos it's not my birthday, lol.

So, friends who receive my invitation via FB around July - August, i'll appreciate it if you can RSVP asap. It's okay if you can't make it, just tell me so, but pls, don't last minute back out, thanks!

Hahaha, can you feel my excitement? I wasn't this excited on the day i got married, lol.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bo's in Fukuoka, Japan now!

She's only going for 10 days but she and my mum are VERY 夸张, machiam she going for 10 years lidat! Aiyo! Moreover, she's going for holiday hor! I'm sure during the 7-8th day, she will emo again, says she don't feel like coming back liao. I think many people are lidat, including me. But my mum said, she always can't wait to come back whenever she's overseas. I think the only time where i'm dying to come back was the trip to Hong Kong 2 years ago. I don't know why, i just didn't enjoy.

How i wish i'm still single and young, so i can go anywhere i like too! That's why there is this sentence, "time and tide wait for no man". So true, very true. We will not be forever young.

This Bo very bias one, she dotes on meimei alot. She was telling meimei yesterday, "yiyi will miss u alot", then Raeann asked her, "then me leh?". LOL!

My new very hot vibrant pink luggage arrived just in time for her to bring for her trip. Although there are some scratches at the bottom (cannot be seen), my bro and SIL said it's a very good buy. Becos the EMS from Korea to here is already $30+, i bought it for $59.90 only. Big and light, but it's made of EVA (fabric), which my mum don't like.

I drove my bro's car to & fro the airport, it's soooooooooooooooo far, 70km, tired die me lor. In fact, i don't really like to drive, i hate driving. Sometimes, i wish i don't have driving licence, then my husband will have no choice but to pick and send me. Haha!

We had dinner at T3's Crystal Jade.

Very cute tea plastic cup!

I tried, no kick at all. We took the highest one, when i reached the bottom, i asked those people beside "huh, so fast, did i go to the wrong place?", LOL! I was expecting a longer and more exciting one.

Becos we have 14 tickets to redeem. So no choice, i had to give it a try, lol. Raeann, Jing & Bo went for many times. And we gave a few to strangers too!

Anyway, i hope my sis will be safe throughout her entire trip, have fun! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

I also hate BUAY PAISEH people!

Omg, have you guys read Xiaxue's latest post? Can i say she's awesome for blogging this out? Totally expressed my feeling towards this no-longer-friend person. In fact, i've blogged similar stuffs here and my private blog before.

Quoting Xiaxue :

"I'm sure all of you, like me, have friends who are always low on cash. So whenever there is a group dinner at a restaurant that doesn't take credit cards and they don't have enough cash to pay, you help them pay first. Or in shared cab rides, you have to fork out more. Or you invite them over for a game of poker/mahjong. They lose, no cash. Owe you first."

"As a general rule, people who feel embarrassed about borrowing money will always try to get rid of that ashamed feeling by returning it fast. AND these people usually have cash, to prevent such a situation from happening in the first place, so it stands that that people who always don't have cash, usually will not bother to return money efficiently, or at all."

"But it isn't about the money. It's about the person's incorrect thinking. It is not polite to borrow money from people, furthermore with such a cavalier attitude to it. I don't care that much about the $10, I care that you put me in this situation of discomfort and thus, I don't feel like giving that $10 to you."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not a stingy, miserly person. If this occurs not infrequently, it's totally ok for me to fork out a bit more for my friend. But if out of 10 situations 8 times the person has no cash to pay for it, I'd start to be frustrated."

Oh yes, i've met sucha person. And she's FOREVER not enough cash on hand, despite being rich. Even when she jio-ed us to play mahjong, she don't bring cash. But when she won, she took cash from us. There was once she lost money to me but didn't pay until the next mahjong session, and she paid me with her mahjong chips! =.=

Thank god it's over! LOL

Behind the scene of Raechelle's 6 months old photo shoot!

Date : 24th March 2012, Saturday

We were given a free 5R from the package we bought at the hospital when we made her 'birth certificate' photos, with her hand and foot prints. If you've been following my blog, you will know that we did the same thing for Raeann 4 years ago too...

22nd March 2008

HAHAHA! Her trademark eyes... lol!

So we were asked to go to this place, Woodleigh Park, it's super ulu lor!!!

Can't wait for the actual photos to be out!!! :)

Not i wanna praise my own daughter, but meimei is indeed very photogenic cos all her pics turned out so nice and cute, we don't know how to choose. We bought a package at $80 and we're only allowed to choose 3. But end up, we paid another $60 to buy another 3 more photos. Don't care, i'm gonna make my husband pay for it! Hard time choosing, i wish i can buy all of them back. We took our passport photos there as well at $10 but i looked like shit lah. LOL

They told me 'no fringe allowed' so i've to clip all my fringe up. But becos my fringe is too short, i've to clip it to the side. End up, i looked like someone from some village. Really really dislike taking passport photos, i can never get my face right. =.=

Gonna re-take until i think it's nice, sigh!

It was also our 5th year wedding anniversary. Nothing much, spent it just like other normal days. No expectation = no disappointment! =D

Just like how we spent our first anniversary, we had our dinner at Mushroom Pot. We dined there during 24th March 2008 too, this is the evidence...


Ever since we have kids, all our occasions are spent together with our kids. We don't have any couple-time at all, which means, i'm facing my kids 365 days a year. It is why our r/s will become so mundane. Becos he made me so busy with my kids till i've no more spare time to love him and myself.

Finally, i understand why are there so many failed marriages nowadays - because people don't put in efforts.

It's like, you do so much, you expect your partner to appreciates. Not necessary showering you with tons of gifts, a simple 'thank you, i love you' is enough, really. But you don't even get that very simple words from him. First 3 years, you will get affected & angry with him for not doing so. 4th year onwards, you are numbed by his actions. Numbed as in, no feeling towards anything. You are so tired from asking. So eventually, people divorced. End of story! :(

Lovin' this Cheyanne Cardigan from LB sooooooo much!!! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

A little update on my 2 babies!

Okay, i'm 3 days late, Happy 6 months old my baby girl! =D

Sorry that i've spammed 2 similar pics here, not becos i think i'm pretty (my face looked the same in both pics anyway) but i can't decide which Raechelle looks cuter. My mum said the first one but i like the 2nd one! Heehee

Anyway, brought her for the 6 in one jab this morning, all went well, she's 8.7kgs as of today! Woohoo! =D

Doctor said both my kids have "good size" & very healthy, i'm so happy! Hope they will remain like that all the way till old!

P/S : I think i'm gonna stop wearing lenses for the time being cos i'm having blurred vision liao. Not wearing lens for the 2 above pics and i think i looked okay too, cos my natural pupils are quite big one.

Need to start planning their birthday party liao!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Handsome Ethan!

I totally adore all his features; big eyes, thick & deep double eyelids & dimples.

And he's very good boy de leh, obedient, shy & quiet. That day i asked him (when Raeann's still in school), "do you miss meimei?". He asked me, "which one, the 5 yrs old one?". I nodded. He said, "NO". LOL! But he misses the 5 months old one. Hahaha! So cute! And he said he wanted a didi cos he already has 2 meimeis. LOL! Kids are kids, so innocent one. I'm sure his coming sibling will be as cute as him! =)

Raeann told my cousin, "我们已经分手了". Shit her lor, don't know where she learnt all these, buay tahan.

P/S : Somebody asked me to slim down my body but don't slim down my face becos he said i look better with chubby face (oh really?). But i don't know how to!!! He told me people with slim face will look older, true? I somehow agree with him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


"Marcus Chin splits with girlfriend due to age gap"

I just saw this on Yahoo! news, i can only say serve him right. Pls lah, so old already, still don't know how to think meh.

Sorry hor, i don't believe in true love between a very young girl and a very old man. No money = no love.

Was on this topic with ZY few days ago. I told him if he let me find out that he has an affair, i won't even bother to quarrel or confront him, i'll just pass him the divorce deed and ask him to leave, no chance will be given. I'm very sure about this.

So he told me lah, he has three women, enough liao, lol.

But well, still the same old warning, "don't let me find out".

You know, men cannot be too rich, once they're rich, their heart will become wild & cock will become itchy. Not saying ALL men, but most of them.

Please lah, think wisely, why becos of one woman ruin your happy family?

Hippo River Cruise

Date : 17th March 2012, Saturday

You know, i love blogging so much, to the extend i brought my laptop to work today, just to blog cos all my edited pictures are inside. Like i always say, i blog for my own sake, not to be an attention seeker. Even if nobody's reading, i'll still blog, lol.

Did you spot Kitty? :)

Peiyan jio-ed me out on Saturday for the Hippo River Cruise cos she has 5 free tickets that are expiring on the 31st March 2012. I asked Bo along. But before that, i brought Raeann to Peiyan's house cos she cooked prawn noodle for us.

She has one thai shrimp chili which is damn spicy, I LIKE!

Kids are really influential. They finished a big bowl of noodle together.

After dinner, they played together.

They really turned bestie overnight, which is a good thing.

Initially, we thought we have to give the cruise ride a miss cos it suddenly rain very heavily. But thank god the rain stopped in time and we're able to go for it if not the kids will be very disappointed. Okay, let the pictures do the talking now...

Raeann is yawning... lol!

I think we were all very 38 and noisy. Being Singaporeans, we were OVER curious and enthu during the ride. Bo bian leh, my first time cruising around Singapore and just gotta realise, our scenery is actually quite pretty at night. Thanks to Peiyan for the 'invites', otherwise i doubt i will ever take this ride in my life? LOL

Check out Hippo River Cruise here.

Then, all of them were complaining VERY HUNGRY after that, except me, don't understand why...

They finished everything. Really very very hungry.