Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Raechelle

Meimei's turning 6 months in 13 days time and i think her teeth is about to pop out becos she has been putting everything into her mouth. Based on my records, Raeann had her first 4 tooth (together) at 5 months old. Meimei is slower! But it's okay. I'm fine with it. I won't be like some people hor, damn 夸张 one, cannot lose, said her daughter teething at 2+ months old, lol. Oops! My bad! =X

Forbid her to put her hands into her mouth and this is what she do, everytime. When i posted this pic, everyone warned me to becareful cos my no. 3 is coming (myth)... CHOY CHOY CHOY! Dear God, i don't want anymore, pls give it to those who want it, thanks.

She's soooooo active now. Up down up down, cannot keep still at all!!


  1. Raechelle is so cute!!! Feel so like hugging m carrying her

  2. She's soooooo active nowadays lor. Buay tahan her. And getting naughtier too. Sigh

  3. your daugther is so cute.. :)

    huh? teething at 2mth+ sure or not?

    my nephew knows how to say 'daddy' when he is 3mth.. hahaha.. it real not faking maybe he is learning how to call people so he just repeat what we say... :)

  4. Thanks! :)

    No lah, i said she's damn kua zhang is cos i saw them when her daughter was around 3 months plus, still no teeth leh. So i asked her on the spot lor, she still can say is doc said one. LOL

    Anyway, she just wanna win in everything ba. Like i posted about Raeann something, her daughter will always be better one. =X

  5. hahahas.. i think doc also won't say baby will start teething at 2mth+..

    isee.. let her win lorrhs. cause she only win after people say it or do it..

  6. Haha, hanor. Let her win lor. Those who know, will know. =)

  7. Lol such childish behaviour.. So old le and yet still wanna compete.. Haiz. What kind of mother will have what kind of child.. I pity the kid..

    Anyway. Raechelle is soooooo cute.. I wanna hug her leh.. Lol!


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