Monday, March 26, 2012

Behind the scene of Raechelle's 6 months old photo shoot!

Date : 24th March 2012, Saturday

We were given a free 5R from the package we bought at the hospital when we made her 'birth certificate' photos, with her hand and foot prints. If you've been following my blog, you will know that we did the same thing for Raeann 4 years ago too...

22nd March 2008

HAHAHA! Her trademark eyes... lol!

So we were asked to go to this place, Woodleigh Park, it's super ulu lor!!!

Can't wait for the actual photos to be out!!! :)

Not i wanna praise my own daughter, but meimei is indeed very photogenic cos all her pics turned out so nice and cute, we don't know how to choose. We bought a package at $80 and we're only allowed to choose 3. But end up, we paid another $60 to buy another 3 more photos. Don't care, i'm gonna make my husband pay for it! Hard time choosing, i wish i can buy all of them back. We took our passport photos there as well at $10 but i looked like shit lah. LOL

They told me 'no fringe allowed' so i've to clip all my fringe up. But becos my fringe is too short, i've to clip it to the side. End up, i looked like someone from some village. Really really dislike taking passport photos, i can never get my face right. =.=

Gonna re-take until i think it's nice, sigh!

It was also our 5th year wedding anniversary. Nothing much, spent it just like other normal days. No expectation = no disappointment! =D

Just like how we spent our first anniversary, we had our dinner at Mushroom Pot. We dined there during 24th March 2008 too, this is the evidence...


Ever since we have kids, all our occasions are spent together with our kids. We don't have any couple-time at all, which means, i'm facing my kids 365 days a year. It is why our r/s will become so mundane. Becos he made me so busy with my kids till i've no more spare time to love him and myself.

Finally, i understand why are there so many failed marriages nowadays - because people don't put in efforts.

It's like, you do so much, you expect your partner to appreciates. Not necessary showering you with tons of gifts, a simple 'thank you, i love you' is enough, really. But you don't even get that very simple words from him. First 3 years, you will get affected & angry with him for not doing so. 4th year onwards, you are numbed by his actions. Numbed as in, no feeling towards anything. You are so tired from asking. So eventually, people divorced. End of story! :(

Lovin' this Cheyanne Cardigan from LB sooooooo much!!! :)


  1. wah, ah gal. I see this post I scare lei..
    I going into another level of my life soon. I really scare the way u sae on the appreciate your partner.

    Cham liao...

  2. Don't worry dear, there are still very loving couples out there. When both parties put in efforts, it will be a happy marriage. :)


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