Tuesday, March 20, 2012


"Marcus Chin splits with girlfriend due to age gap"

I just saw this on Yahoo! news, i can only say serve him right. Pls lah, so old already, still don't know how to think meh.

Sorry hor, i don't believe in true love between a very young girl and a very old man. No money = no love.

Was on this topic with ZY few days ago. I told him if he let me find out that he has an affair, i won't even bother to quarrel or confront him, i'll just pass him the divorce deed and ask him to leave, no chance will be given. I'm very sure about this.

So he told me lah, he has three women, enough liao, lol.

But well, still the same old warning, "don't let me find out".

You know, men cannot be too rich, once they're rich, their heart will become wild & cock will become itchy. Not saying ALL men, but most of them.

Please lah, think wisely, why becos of one woman ruin your happy family?


  1. I totally agreed on that 'man cannot be too rich...'I have seen quite a few cases among my friends/relatives.Sad :(

  2. Yes, they cannot be rich. Money all give to the wife is the best solution. No money = cannot hanky panky.

  3. Don't understand why old men refuse to acknowledge that those women just want their money.

    Why would a 20+ years old girl fall in love with a 50 over years old man? Old enough to be your father somemore. Can't be 一见钟情 and can't be 日久生情 (any normal girls would just regard them like fathers rather than a guy whom you could fall in love with). So what could the reason be? Money, of course!

  4. Precisely Nana. Those men just wanna hear sweet coating fake words which can make them high. Stupid much.


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