Monday, March 5, 2012

Bobo's 19th Birthday Dinner

Date : 4th March 2012, Sunday
Venue : Green Banyan @ JCC

P/S : I need a harddisk to store all my pics urgently!!! Anyone has lobang to buy cheap and chio one? Advice needed, TIA.

It's all about parties and food over the last weekend, my life's awesome!!! Something i've learnt in life; Appreciate all the good things and people around you and your life will get more and more awesome each day!!! - Joanne Ng

LOL!! And yes, i'm doing it great now!!! Maybe that's why it's so difficult to slim down, hahaha!

Stay happy-go-lucky everyone! ^^

We had a simple dinner last evening at JCC's Green Banyan as Bo's birthday celebration (without cake cutting, maybe today!), Vic & dad joined us too. Everyone was around except my two bros, they went overseas.

Food was great, except for the long waiting time... There is a salad bar though, so we had lotsa salad while waiting! I quite like the ambience there leh, thinking if i can hold my girls' birthday celebration there anot! I need a place big enough for 50 paxs or more. Any suggestions?

Sisters; are best friends for life.

They are the ones who completed my life, and changed me into another person.

After dinner, we have our camwhoring session, ONLY girls! YAY! Seriously hate Bo's photo skill, all the pictures she took turned out either too blur or too dark or people (me lah) looked funny! =.=

Added 阿宝色 effect to brighten up the pic! But still blur tough!

After 阿宝色 & Instagram effect!

Only Raeann was looking at me, Bo & Vic were looking at another (Vic's) camera.

This is from Vic's cam!

Really love family dinner like this! Dad made the effort to join us even when the food weren't much to his liking. If giving birth to Raechelle really helped bringing our family closer, i guess it's the wisest choice i've made in my entire life. =)


  1. Wah lao, I think it is because of the camera lah.

  2. Don't think so, cos the pics i took using the same gadget doesn't turn out lidat!!!


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