Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bo's in Fukuoka, Japan now!

She's only going for 10 days but she and my mum are VERY 夸张, machiam she going for 10 years lidat! Aiyo! Moreover, she's going for holiday hor! I'm sure during the 7-8th day, she will emo again, says she don't feel like coming back liao. I think many people are lidat, including me. But my mum said, she always can't wait to come back whenever she's overseas. I think the only time where i'm dying to come back was the trip to Hong Kong 2 years ago. I don't know why, i just didn't enjoy.

How i wish i'm still single and young, so i can go anywhere i like too! That's why there is this sentence, "time and tide wait for no man". So true, very true. We will not be forever young.

This Bo very bias one, she dotes on meimei alot. She was telling meimei yesterday, "yiyi will miss u alot", then Raeann asked her, "then me leh?". LOL!

My new very hot vibrant pink luggage arrived just in time for her to bring for her trip. Although there are some scratches at the bottom (cannot be seen), my bro and SIL said it's a very good buy. Becos the EMS from Korea to here is already $30+, i bought it for $59.90 only. Big and light, but it's made of EVA (fabric), which my mum don't like.

I drove my bro's car to & fro the airport, it's soooooooooooooooo far, 70km, tired die me lor. In fact, i don't really like to drive, i hate driving. Sometimes, i wish i don't have driving licence, then my husband will have no choice but to pick and send me. Haha!

We had dinner at T3's Crystal Jade.

Very cute tea plastic cup!

I tried, no kick at all. We took the highest one, when i reached the bottom, i asked those people beside "huh, so fast, did i go to the wrong place?", LOL! I was expecting a longer and more exciting one.

Becos we have 14 tickets to redeem. So no choice, i had to give it a try, lol. Raeann, Jing & Bo went for many times. And we gave a few to strangers too!

Anyway, i hope my sis will be safe throughout her entire trip, have fun! :)

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