Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheryl's 十三 Birthday Bash

Date : 3rd March 2012
Venue : Capella Singapore, Sentosa Island (Garden Villa 3)

From Jan till now hor, i every week tio either wedding or birthday bombs leh, at least one per week, don't know if i should be happy or sad man. Happy becos i was remembered, people wanted to share their joy with me, but sad becos i gave angbao until 手软! =X

Just these two days, there are 4 persons' birthday - Cheryl, my aunt, Vic (actually in Feb but we met only yesterday) and Bobo. Aiyoyo!

So i was invited to Cheryl's big 3 birthday bash on Saturday at Capella, Singapore most expensive hotel @ S$1K per night, gosh!

If it was not for her, i doubt i'll have the chance to ever step in there man, so bloody expensive. But it's a very very very nice place. If i've money, i'll book there for one night on my birthday. PO PI i strike 4D!!! Hahaha

In all black that night, hoping i'll look slimmer but Vincent said it doesn't work that way, hahahah! But i guess it somehow works becos everyone was shocked when i said i just gave birth 5 months ago. They asked why am i not fat???? HAHAHA

Brought only Raeann along becos ZY & mum forbidded me to bring meimei as it was too late. Thank god i didn't bring lah, cos that place was damn dark.

It was so dark till we couldn't find the carpark (our first time there) and we parked at the lobby area. After we got off the car, was told that it's only for valet and i've to pay $18 (WOW). Asked around how to get to the villa & one lady in 旗袍 drove us there in a buggy, so fun! But quite scary, cos she like no licence one, lol.

HAHAHA, i kept laughing over this. 三十!! I asked why she put until so big like scare people don't know her age, she said i read wrongly, it's 十三!!! HAHAHA! True what, chinese word is read dom ba lek one. LOL

Private pool... Damn shiok man!

She was forced to wear a dress!

This cake is DAMN YUMMY!

Happy Birthday my dearest friend!!! May all your wishes come true! =D

P/S : Thanks for the invite, we had fun!! =) 

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