Friday, March 16, 2012

China Whampoa Home Made Noodle

Anyone watched the channel 8 show hosted by Kym Ng on the food search last week? She was searching for delicious home made noodle in SG.

So we watched, and saw the introduction of the stall at Whampoa food market, and we went there just now...

Don't see like no queue, we waited 35 mins for our orders.

She's on school holiday so i brought her along to work.

Hungry until BTH, ordered a bowl of tom yum seafood soup from another stall to try and it tasted, really sucks. =X

All of us cannot live without chili. We will never eat any soupy food without chili padi.



Wanna hear my opinion? Just two chinese word, 1) 好难吃 & 2) 被骗了. I was expecting a power one (better than Lor 32) cos of the 35 mins long wait. But it's a disappointment, no more next time! I still prefer the one at City Plaza and Geylang Lor 32.


  1. Write to channel 8 n complain!!!

  2. Hahaha! Don't need la, I not so free leh.

  3. A lot of time they feature de not nice one. Even those 8 days also bluff de. So nv believe the media. If really nice no need air on tv le. Ha!

  4. I also kena cheated before, the 煮炒来了3, they reco one tze char stall in yishun, den me and my mom go try, is like sh*t lidat... not cooked, the food all not placed nicely... i dn trust liaos.. unless by word of mouth!

  5. To: Happy Queen

    Hanor, its really sucks, maybe they paid them to intro, who knows!

  6. To: Lynn

    I heard hor, the stall owners for 煮炒来了 have to pay them de leh. They intro the stall near my old hse there and we knew the boss since young, they told us!


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