Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family day to Vivo!

Wanted to bring the kids to Vivo City on Monday (on leave mah) becos ZY kept telling me he need to go there (Pedro) to get a new pair of slipper last week. Woke up early in the morning, excitely wanted to prepare the kids then heard him saying that he need to go and do his car, like AGAIN! So i was sian 1/2 liao, no mood to go out after that.

Then he called me around 4pm, asking if i still want to go, he will come back around 5+pm. I don't feel like going liao, but Raeann kept pestering me, saying she wanted to go shopping. Alright then. I can have Marche for dinner.

So we went...

Used to dine at Marche The Heeren, but the standard seems like dropping? Didn't taste as good as before.

The one with a smiling face is Raeann's. We ordered kid set for her.

Vivo has a really nice scenery.

This bag...

We were out shopping, then she keep saying "later what u wanna buy, I pay". At first i tot she's saying food cos we were at Marche, so I tot she meant by paying with her Marche card. Then she said "u like shoes right? I buy shoes for u later". I told her don't need la.

After that we went to this shop cos my hb wanna buy shoes, and I saw this bag, asked the salesgirl to tk down and show me. Then she keep saying she wanna buy for me lor.

But she's very funny, she asked me not to let my hb knows, if not he will jealous. Haha! She passed me the money secretly when he was bathing. LOL! So I asked her why she's so nice to me, she told me this lor.
Need i say more? I'm so blessed to have sucha sweetie! Even though at times, she really makes my blood boil, but in her heart, i know, she ♥ me, and i ♥ her too!

To those people who keep asking me to try for another son (真的很烦), priest hor, i never say i wanted a son hor. I'm so contented with two daughters and my life is now, completed. Priest hor, u all want son, ownself go give birth hor, don't treat me like a birth-giving machine. Thanks har!

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