Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Handsome Ethan!

I totally adore all his features; big eyes, thick & deep double eyelids & dimples.

And he's very good boy de leh, obedient, shy & quiet. That day i asked him (when Raeann's still in school), "do you miss meimei?". He asked me, "which one, the 5 yrs old one?". I nodded. He said, "NO". LOL! But he misses the 5 months old one. Hahaha! So cute! And he said he wanted a didi cos he already has 2 meimeis. LOL! Kids are kids, so innocent one. I'm sure his coming sibling will be as cute as him! =)

Raeann told my cousin, "我们已经分手了". Shit her lor, don't know where she learnt all these, buay tahan.

P/S : Somebody asked me to slim down my body but don't slim down my face becos he said i look better with chubby face (oh really?). But i don't know how to!!! He told me people with slim face will look older, true? I somehow agree with him.

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