Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hippo River Cruise

Date : 17th March 2012, Saturday

You know, i love blogging so much, to the extend i brought my laptop to work today, just to blog cos all my edited pictures are inside. Like i always say, i blog for my own sake, not to be an attention seeker. Even if nobody's reading, i'll still blog, lol.

Did you spot Kitty? :)

Peiyan jio-ed me out on Saturday for the Hippo River Cruise cos she has 5 free tickets that are expiring on the 31st March 2012. I asked Bo along. But before that, i brought Raeann to Peiyan's house cos she cooked prawn noodle for us.

She has one thai shrimp chili which is damn spicy, I LIKE!

Kids are really influential. They finished a big bowl of noodle together.

After dinner, they played together.

They really turned bestie overnight, which is a good thing.

Initially, we thought we have to give the cruise ride a miss cos it suddenly rain very heavily. But thank god the rain stopped in time and we're able to go for it if not the kids will be very disappointed. Okay, let the pictures do the talking now...

Raeann is yawning... lol!

I think we were all very 38 and noisy. Being Singaporeans, we were OVER curious and enthu during the ride. Bo bian leh, my first time cruising around Singapore and just gotta realise, our scenery is actually quite pretty at night. Thanks to Peiyan for the 'invites', otherwise i doubt i will ever take this ride in my life? LOL

Check out Hippo River Cruise here.

Then, all of them were complaining VERY HUNGRY after that, except me, don't understand why...

They finished everything. Really very very hungry.


  1. Lol, no idea, forgot to notice her that night. LOL

  2. ya lashes what brand de.. or where u buy. quite nice! whats app me! i scare i forget. LOL


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