Monday, March 26, 2012

I also hate BUAY PAISEH people!

Omg, have you guys read Xiaxue's latest post? Can i say she's awesome for blogging this out? Totally expressed my feeling towards this no-longer-friend person. In fact, i've blogged similar stuffs here and my private blog before.

Quoting Xiaxue :

"I'm sure all of you, like me, have friends who are always low on cash. So whenever there is a group dinner at a restaurant that doesn't take credit cards and they don't have enough cash to pay, you help them pay first. Or in shared cab rides, you have to fork out more. Or you invite them over for a game of poker/mahjong. They lose, no cash. Owe you first."

"As a general rule, people who feel embarrassed about borrowing money will always try to get rid of that ashamed feeling by returning it fast. AND these people usually have cash, to prevent such a situation from happening in the first place, so it stands that that people who always don't have cash, usually will not bother to return money efficiently, or at all."

"But it isn't about the money. It's about the person's incorrect thinking. It is not polite to borrow money from people, furthermore with such a cavalier attitude to it. I don't care that much about the $10, I care that you put me in this situation of discomfort and thus, I don't feel like giving that $10 to you."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not a stingy, miserly person. If this occurs not infrequently, it's totally ok for me to fork out a bit more for my friend. But if out of 10 situations 8 times the person has no cash to pay for it, I'd start to be frustrated."

Oh yes, i've met sucha person. And she's FOREVER not enough cash on hand, despite being rich. Even when she jio-ed us to play mahjong, she don't bring cash. But when she won, she took cash from us. There was once she lost money to me but didn't pay until the next mahjong session, and she paid me with her mahjong chips! =.=

Thank god it's over! LOL

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