Friday, March 23, 2012

A little update on my 2 babies!

Okay, i'm 3 days late, Happy 6 months old my baby girl! =D

Sorry that i've spammed 2 similar pics here, not becos i think i'm pretty (my face looked the same in both pics anyway) but i can't decide which Raechelle looks cuter. My mum said the first one but i like the 2nd one! Heehee

Anyway, brought her for the 6 in one jab this morning, all went well, she's 8.7kgs as of today! Woohoo! =D

Doctor said both my kids have "good size" & very healthy, i'm so happy! Hope they will remain like that all the way till old!

P/S : I think i'm gonna stop wearing lenses for the time being cos i'm having blurred vision liao. Not wearing lens for the 2 above pics and i think i looked okay too, cos my natural pupils are quite big one.

Need to start planning their birthday party liao!!


  1. I like the 2nd picture more :) - Shirley

  2. heehee thanks for your comment, Shirley~


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