Thursday, March 29, 2012

Planning a party...

Is so fucking tedious, troublesome & expensive!!! I know i'm very kiasu, i'm planning for my girls' birthday party, like now. LOL! Yeap, holding their birthdays together becos it's only 8 days apart.

But becos i've an ideal theme in mind, it makes everything much easier. Shall not reveal much, just in case, you know i know lah.

Party venue has been booked. Engaged Meiling's husband to be the photographer. Cake wise, i know what i want and has already found someone to customise it, $250 lor. Door gifts has also been ordered. Left buffet, decorations and some others, will confirm them when i get the RSVP guests list. About $2k+ for everything! Gosh!

If it wasn't that i promised i'll do a big party for meimei 1st birthday (becos i didn't do baby shower for her), i won't do it de lor. Very time consuming!! Anyway, it's the first and last time, i won't do any big party for them anymore, shall stick to home celebrations among ourselves.

Not gonna invite every friends, but only friends with kids & some closer ones. Becos as what PY said, "make it their party instead of yours". No point inviting all my friends, becos it's not my birthday, lol.

So, friends who receive my invitation via FB around July - August, i'll appreciate it if you can RSVP asap. It's okay if you can't make it, just tell me so, but pls, don't last minute back out, thanks!

Hahaha, can you feel my excitement? I wasn't this excited on the day i got married, lol.


  1. o.0, mei mei is soon 1yr old liao ah??
    like so fast..

  2. LOL, in Sept. That's why i say i kiasu. LOL!!


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